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English of the university entrance exam: It is not difficult that the new word w
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Yesterday morning at 11 o'clock, the bell noise that as English of the university entrance exam the exam ends rises, expect in the raise one's head and look of parents in, examinee people in file and piece. With the classmates after maths is taken an examination of the look look of a pair of deputy dignified is compared, this their complexion is apparent and good-looking much, see walking took children easily, the parents that waited for two many hours painstakingly outside also grow long easy at a heat.

Mirror according to classmates, this English difficulty may be taken an examination of than a few models a little a bit more difficult, because be over,basically be form fill a vacancy and the new word in reading understanding are very much, each place new word should have pondered meaning of ability dope out a little while, do so " bumpy " ; And be over form fill a vacancy and the space that read understanding are too long, a lot of classmates have not enough time to seek the solution carefully, the eye looked at time to get on for, be forced to feel accordingly. The audition problem language this year fast moderate, acoustic quality is very clear also, but very rare also examinee can see the result. To the composition, the common sense of classmates is: Simpler. The composition this year gave out plan of distribution of a room, the label gave bedroom, kitchen, bathroom to wait, requirement: If you are Li Hua, friend of your a foreign country wants to learn Chinese to China immediately, you had helped him lease the building with one proper place, writing a letter to introduce this house to him so is what kind of layout, and what establishment waits. Because composition of English of the university entrance exam is epistolary format, examinee people had practiced very soundly to this kind style at ordinary times, see do not feel unfamiliar after composition problem consequently. But " conversation seeing a picture " the form lets a lot of examinee did not think of however, this plan is not fortunately complex, examinee people finished the introduction easily mostly.

Division adds Sino-British language south the analysis after fancy teacher Mr. Chen Li is informed the examination questions of the composition: About epistolary style everybody practices very more at ordinary times, write rise should the metropolis is smoother. "Conversation seeing a picture " formal in former years also has been taken an examination of, remembering having one year was to give out two graphs, what draw respectively is the elegant demeanour of the appearance of school of old Chinese learning and new school, allow the change of examinee introduction school. Requirement examinee introduces the layout in a house this year, it is the scene that everybody often can encounter in the life, practical very strong, difficulty is not great also, but because want to introduce the azimuth of the layout in clear room, want to notice to use good preposition so. Yuan of Zhang Lin of beautiful jade of Liu Fang Liu builds this world
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