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" national budget manages " self-study point exploration
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" national budget manages " it is one of exam of higher education self-study main courses, also be to enter oneself for an examination of examinee of wealth tax major study subject surely. Because this class is academic gender and practicality are stronger, a lot of examinee feel curricular content holds not easily, accept rise have certain difficulty, give oneself thereby review brought a few troubles with take an examination. Learn the purpose of this course actually, on the foundation that mastering radical budgetary theory point of view namely, to the budget making, understanding that carries out whole process to have one clarity, the oneself since education is known and analyse the ability of real problem in budgetary domain thereby. Achieved this one goal, had the level that takes an exam through this class accordingly.

Master budgetary concept

Will tell from macroscopical administrative levels, whole course can be divided for 3 much. They can generalize respectively for: Estimated concept and form, estimated the work out is carried out with adjust, construction of budgetary legal system. In fundamental theory part, a few main ideas are like governmental budget, double entry budget, department budget to wait to need examinee to development understands and can explain its are actual meaning. In part of budget making solid Wu, requirement examinee wants to be able to be opposite not only the technical issue in process of particular authorized strength and means method are familiar, and want can operate from a strategically advantageous position, be opposite from the perspective of the history and system estimated work out process has one macroscopical hold. National budget should master its necessity and content in legal construction, want to pay close attention to reality especially, be familiar with the newest trends in this one domain.

When revising budgetary form, must master single entry budget and union of double entry budget, want to note 3 respects at the same time: The first, two kinds estimated dot of similarities and differences. Although be a government together estimated specific means and double entry budget is to be in single entry is estimated develop in perfecting, found rise, but they wait for a respect in connotation, technology, characteristic all not identical. The 2nd, two kinds estimated respective and applicable condition. Although double entry is the way that our country budget reforms beforehand but it asks constructive budget can become independent, cost -- system of benefit analysis quota is more perfect, the tie of these respects restricted our reform, budget of contrary single entry is however inside a quite long history period for our country broad finance worker is used. The 3rd, our country executes double entry estimated necessity. A few content such as departure of the change that this includes function of the superintendency to building capital, country, politics look forward to.

Notice gold of budgetary foreign capital manages
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