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" university Chinese " how to review
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" university Chinese " it is class of foundation of a culture. Culture foundation class ases if very " rambling " , satisfy easily at sciolistic, bits and pieces. Especially adult, be eager to mastering major, be reluctant to leave Yu Wen to change a basis involuntarily. Actually this kind of idea is off base. " university Chinese " regard culture foundation as the class, a lot of content need serious study, the history, times, writer, work is waited a moment, need as far as possible great remember, in order to facilitate in the scale in brains the culture map of a piece of rich and colorful, it is not * is sciolistic. Study " Chinese literature history overview "   remembers " dynasty of history of Chinese ancient time brief watch "   the literature to understand China roughly history, know the place that five writers get on in the history roughly, " university Chinese " teaching material is in " appendix " in compose " Chinese literature history overview " , wove " dynasty of history of Chinese ancient time brief watch " . These two although be " appendix " , but still want study (although must not do note) . "Dynasty of history of Chinese ancient time brief watch " , " Chinese literature history overview " conduce to direct and thorough knowledge enrolling among them not only " university Chinese " the writer in teaching material and work, to improving exam result, improving common culture quality also is helpful. The circumstance     such as the life experience that remembers selected writer " university Chinese " receive 57 writers in all, 65 work. Among them 57 writers have the 300 words brief introduction to 500 words, collected works of status of genre of tendency of the career achievement that introduces a writer, thought, style, artistic characteristic, history, work. They are the necessary data that understands a writer, also be the reference material that analyses work. To these data, the exam inscribes middling to have, should force oneself to remember. The method that remember can use red pen to be underlined in the introduction, also can cost a bit time to make briefer note, want the main field of the career achievement of an author, wait like genre of tendency of outstanding achievement, contribution, thought, artistic style, influence remember.   of   of knowledge of Chinese of effort study ancient time " university Chinese " teaching material stops ancient prose work in all (include poetic word, Qu Fu, novel) 43, 2/3 what take complete work about. These 43 word, word, sentence annotate is more detailed, it is to get used to self-study the actual level of examinee is mixed facilitate " self-taught " and designed editorial. To these annotate, can mix according to oneself new rate examination questions is common, undertake noting to read commonly used word expressions, facilitating key is reviewed. Still have two stuff in addition notable, one is a text from the back " think with the exercise " in the comparison of concerned function word usage, one is teaching material behind " appendix " in " common sense of grammar of Chinese of Chinese ancient time " . These two material receive a term not much, and citing is general out " university Chinese " , conduce to review. Former and OK center cento to come down, latter mights as well use a book and need not cento. Name of strong nominative character sentence the back is ripe   of   of 10 keys poetry " university Chinese " 65, almost piece a famous speech renown sentence. Logion is a paragraph of word in the article, often language meaning fluent, argue is lucid, concise and comprehensive. Logion, name sentence, renown paragraph, examinee should remember, or should remember carelessness. Exam outline wants 10 poetry that beg recital, had better copy card, review at any time and place. Read work to foster understanding to analyse ability     seriously " university Chinese " study purpose of course, basically be below 3 respects: It is heavy learning Chinese language and literary knowledge, raise artistic appreciation; 2 it is work of heavy reasonable solution and analytic work, study forefathers is outstanding thought morality tradition and expressive skill; It is to narrate writing of the exercise on both foundation afore moreover, increase expression and applied capacity. Additional, the understanding that develops pair of work even analyses ability. The first it is through reading work undertakes; The thought tendency that is knot co-worker next will undertake; It is to contact times history setting to undertake again, etc. These methods can rise integratedly apply. Research exam outline and   of all previous examination questions rise should check ability   for " university Chinese " self-study and exam, outline of exam of self-study of courses of even careful research and put feel all previous examination questions. Exam outline narrated the direction that teachs oneself an exam wraparoundly, specific exemple lifted self-study exam content of course, right " university Chinese " standard of limits of content of method of curricular property, study, study and exam content, exam, exam is waited a moment, have specific provision, it is self-study " university Chinese " curricular basis. It is like a day 10 years, keep stable, before often should putting on record, consult at any time with equipment. All previous " university Chinese " examination questions weaves according to exam outline, also maintain on configuration changeless. Examinee carries the research of pair of all previous examination questions, the problem that can put the level that touchs an exam, familiar exam, the range that knows an exam, content that studies an exam, grasp answering question pattern. Basis in last few years examination questions, be like next problems roughly model: One, individual choice title. Its content divides composition by 3: Text analysis and author writing knowledge, style knowledge. 2, multinomial choice title. Its content divides composition by 4: Knowledge of author writing knowledge, text analysis, style and language knowledge. 3, problem of fill a vacancy. Its content divides composition by 4 roughly: Knowledge of author writing knowledge, text analysis, style and the poetic poetry that the requirement recites. 4, the term explains a problem. Basically be archaic article term, also have recent article term. 5, ancient prose translates a problem. 6, brief answering question, it is to inspect text analysis commonly. 7, brief analyse problem, also be text analysis commonly, basically be con text. 8, composition. Understand these examination questions, we can master the active advantageous position that learn and takes an exam.
Origin: Beijing from study a hot line
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