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Talk about high school English to read the education of ability
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Read solution its content and meaning. Strict he is told, it is the course that gets entire character information through knowing language form and structure. " reading purpose can be divided normally get information to learn knowledge model and should try model, and should try model read be the quantity to getting information to detect. Accordingly, read the study activity that is not a kind of simple, inactive, passivity absolutely, however a kind of complex, active, active understanding process. Will tell to the high school student of our country, read one of main avenues that are osculatory study foreign language, be those who learn foreign language basic skill advocate channel. " full-time is advanced outline of education of middle school English (first trial stalks of grain) " regulation: The purpose of education of high school English wants already " consolidate, the ABC of enlarge undergraduate, development listens, say, read, written basic technical ability, education is in oral go up and written on preliminary the capacity that uses English to have communication " , want again " emphasize particularly on education reads capability, make the student obtains certain self-study capability. " read understanding to mirror a high school student (especially high grade student) the capacity that uses English directly, teach oneself ability especially. Accordingly, in English education, the main link of level English education learns in undertaking to the student the education of ability was formed reading. So, how does ability effective ground undertake reading the education of ability to the student? From 4 square interview emphasizes particularly on below should try model read.

One, the requirement that reads capability

Read ability to include the content of two respects: It is understanding, 2 it is speed. Read understanding rate is high, read rate fast it is to read two marks with strong savvy. Should rise read capability, want to notice to understand already, also want to note rate. Understanding is given priority to, speed is complementary. Speed is obedient at understanding, rise gradually on the foundation of understanding. Say commonly, the person of a medium English level, the correct rate that its read understanding should be in 70% the left and right sides. Exceed this level, can accelerate rate, under this standard, should decelerate speed. To high school student, when reading the English article that comparatives with text difficulty, speed should be in minutely 4o-60 word left and right sides. Understand correct rate to should amount to 70 % above. Amount of minutely reading word is larger, understanding rate is higher, your read capability stronger also. In recent years, check methodological reform and development as domestic and international English, read understanding to already made the important test that evaluates student English level in the round problem. In the examination paper of active MET and NMET, what hold proportion especially big. Show the demand this respect (with NMET exam specification was 1999 exemple) quote is as follows:
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