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Chinese of the university entrance exam (the whole nation coils) the answer purs
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Tang Shan city opens Luan one in Li Zhijiang

1. B. Braille pronunciation is added to be L ì in B. Wash in A (Gu à N) wash, the others is Hu à N; In C " impregnable pass defile " medium " narrow pass " pronunciation is " A ì " , the others is " Y ì " ; The flatter in D (Ch ǎ N) fawn on, the others is " (Xi à N) . The subject difficulty is not great, the feed that the student may feel rare, wash one's hands and face, canister also has appeared in textbook.

2. A. B: Should be actor tooth " Li " tine; C: Should be those who risk the world is big not " Wei " ; D: Should be " an official document or note " . The look in the subject has a few wrongly easily as follows: In A " appropriate " medium " cent " be " the limit of duty and right " meaning, with its the exemple word with same idea has " devoir " and " beyond the mark " . "Inaccessible although within sight " medium " namely " for " stand by " meaning. C medium " in all business state is " medium " the country is " it is written language, the meaning is " national a major programme of lasting importance " . These 3 words use a word correct, the student is misreaded easily.

3. C. "Arrive at " with " visit " it is " to " meaning, former and general watch " respect " , latter emphasizes " arrive personally " . ① sentence in emphasize Ms. Sun Suifang heading for Beijing University personally with special status, eliminate A, B so. "Program and plan " have beforehand the meaning of the work content of protocol, measure, method. But the plan is general relatively specific, time can grow but short. The program has global sex commonly, content is relatively wraparound, time is longer, from distant view have sth in mind. Accordingly knowable this sentence should be " program " . "Either / however " express a turn, "It is not only / and be " the watch goes forward one by one, according to ③ sentence article meaning should choose apparently very much " it is not only / and be " . The point at issue is simpler, the student is OK basis the first word or the 3rd word can judge a right answer.

4. D. "Very familiar with sth " paraphrase is " the jewellery that seems to count him home to hide is clear in that way. The analogy is very familiar to the thing that says. " , this sentence in all sorts of vintage and horological itself are Laowang " domestic precious " , do not talk to go up " be like " , because this is wrong. A " have too many problems to deal with " the meaning is " pull the one or two pieces making up the front of a Chinese jacket, show brachial ancon. Describe dress junk. Compare have too many things to take care of at the same time, be hard put to cope with. " B " against a rainy day " in " sentimentally attached " meaning for " pester ligature cheek by jowl " . Full term is " the day has not rained, bind door window first prison. Analogy beforehand ready-made works. " C " have a sense of inferiority " get a meaning to be " form dirty: Configuration is deformed, amplify is defect. Be inferior to others because of oneself and feel gradually ashamed. " it is according to before paraphrase is knowable 3 correct. This problem is relatively simple, just " very familiar with sth " opposite mistake relatively concealment, the student needs static heart to study by oneself in scheduled time read just can do right.
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