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End the Chinese examination paper of word the university entrance exam is summed
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Ming Dezhong learns the Changsha City of high teacher Chen Liangyu Yi Kejun of the 26th middle school

Pay attention to Chinese accomplishment, pay close attention to humanitarian spirit, it is this year the characteristic of examination paper of the university entrance exam, also be Chinese education reform is oriented.

The whole nation of Chinese of the university entrance exam this year coils with compared last year, its content is formed, problem quantity and ode cent scale did not change, examination questions capacity, propositional quality and difficulty and comparatived last year. Although problem doing appears not due error, composition problem also caused a few controversy

, but without obvious a catch question, strange problem, dry setting whole is compendious and the problem is normative, be helpful for a student replying to be judged with the teacher already roll, also be helpful for college choose talent.

Culture of test student language reflected Chinese tool sex

One big problem is fundamental problem, problem structure and similar last year, examinee is done compare convenient and easy to use. 2 big problems, of popular science article read understanding, difficulty is inferior, problem dry setting is reasonable, had directed. 3 big problems, ancient prose reads a title, the article is a bit more difficult than last year, blame " simple and easy " can describe. The 16th problem of 4 big problems is an interpreter article of two classical Chinese, according to abstract investigation, this problem notchs rate for 58% , examinee breaks cent to be in the first mostly " the court of a feudal ruler is folded " with the 2nd " given to flattery " cent is lost on the word more. The 17th problem admires analyse for ancient poetry, notch rate 77.7% . Notch tall reason is poetic eye searchs in the line of line out. Through the teacher's training, the student is relatively familiar also to poetry artistic conception of Wang Wei. This kind of problem design is normative and suit is actual, be worth to advocate. The 18th problem keeps a name to fill piece renown sentence, but thematic setting is main as identical as in former years, 5 big problems are contemporary article reads analytic title, the article is compared last year " the word says bosom friend " choose well, thematic design is relatively simple and easy also. Read as contemporary article < article of a popular science > , do not install bigger obstacle to examinee, and the check that pays attention to ability, this is direct very well. It reflected the characteristic of Chinese tool sex, chinese is Chinese, chinese has the characteristic of its oneself, the characteristic that cannot break away from its tool sex and play the game that the person makes look not to understand in Yun Li mist.

However, the 6th little problem that whole nation of the university entrance exam coils this year, choose " a the language in news caption is clear " . This problem problem newer, although this exam is in only on different meanings make an issue of, but the effect that to us education has kill two hawks with one arrow. The 15th problem " to Simaguang the understanding of a paragraph of words " with different before, although still be accorded with " the exam explains " what set " the analysis generalizes an author the viewpoint manner in article " , but the new atmosphere that reflected curricular reform. " endowment control a warning " itself makes complementary card to emperor namely, sima Guangdang stands in the angle of emperor persuading expostulate with to discuss an issue like that. And " old Tang Shu " it is the angle that stands in a surname quadrature.
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