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Series of method of study of high school student talks
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3 kinds learn a state
One, ground floor is grind
Mention study is told " head hang oneself from a beam, awl is pricked " , "Again assiduous, assiduous, assiduous " . Be in the classmate of this kind of administrative levels, feel study is dry, to them study is one kind is forced behavior, experience is less than the fun in study. Go down for a long time, produced a kind of scared move necessarily to learning, created the mood that be disgusted with learns thereby, result, over them, study became a kind of hard job.

2, the 2nd had better learn

Alleged " know person had been inferior to person " , reach the fellow student of this kind of state, study interest rises to urge action gravely to learning. To the eagerly of study, often note the degree that forget food and sleep. What their study does not need others is press, self-conscious manner often makes they can obtain good result, and the interest that good result makes them greater to learning generation again, form the benign loop in study.

3, three-layer learns to meet

Learning itself also is a knowledge, have scientific method, have the pattern that need follows. According to proper methodological study, study efficiency is tall, those who learn is relaxed, what thinking also changes is agile and fluent, can drive drive knowledge well. Become intellectual host truly.

Current, in the high school student's study, ground floor is in the majority, the 2nd is minority, the third administrative levels is fewer. We ought to be made clear, a of study main goal wants institutional study namely, this also is the demand that modern society expands. The illiteracy in 21 centuries will be the person that those won't learn. So, classmates should seek taller study state in study, make study becomes a happy issue, each homework learns from good examples in light relaxed pine.

3 kinds learn a habit

Learn the stand or fall of achievement, often be decided by is used to at whether having good study, ponder over a habit especially.

One, the height that always stands in the system holds knowledge

A lot of classmates are used to following a teacher in study go, one of Zhang Yizhang learn, not quite right meaning is paragraphic the relation between interconnected system of as whole as course system, see tree only, do not see a forest. As time elapse, what learn knowledge to increase ceaselessly, can feel content multifarious, main threads of an affair is not clear, memorial burden is aggravating. In fact, an any course have the intellectual construction system of oneself, study should understand this one system above all before a course, hold knowledge from whole, learn each part content to want to make clear its fasten the seat in all in whole, such doing often make what learn knowledge to hold more easily.

2, get to the bottom of sth traces to the source, seek the immanent connection between the thing
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