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How to do well maths is reviewed
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1, what maths reviews is basic requirement

The content that maths reviews can be divided inscribe skill for ABC and fundamental solution two parts. In review, the argue analyse that should note basic idea, basic formula, basic law and rule is compared and apply neatly, accomplish understanding, integrated, innovation.

Alleged " understand " , it is the mathematical ABC that do one's best learns to middle school place and basic idea from local to whole, from microcosmic arrive macroscopical, from specific wait to abstraction much angle, mutiple level, all-around the ground achieve mastery through a comprehensive study of the subject, the analysis that fosters oneself conciously generalizes ability and abstract thinking ability savvy, integratedly. To definition, theorematic, formula review, should accomplish: Make clear cause and effect, communication correlation, master the process that turn evidence, the attention conveys a form, baconian memory method, make clear main use.

Alleged " integrated " , it is to point to place of will different course, different unit, different grade, different time learned mathematical knowledge undertakes arrogate to oneself is put going true, go thick live essence of life, reach by the watch in, by shallow into deep, establish the freely connection between knowledge, make intellectual systematization, consecution is changed, network, facilitating memory, facilitate store, facilitating extraction and application. For example, review horny idea, can make following inducing:

(1 ) by in all the part that the face becomes point-blank, the part that different face becomes point-blank, the part that becomes with planar place point-blank, plane and the part that plane becomes, make clear thereby the formation of this one essentials and development, former how augment is latter, latter how translate into is former will solve.

(2) to banking angle, spoke horn, extremely horn, analogy of these easy promiscuous concept are distinguished, make horny idea clearer thereby and accurate.

(3) in trigonometry: Eventually the role with same limit, level horn, perpendicular horn, quadrantal horn, interval horn, azimuthal wait for expressive form and character, comb applied rule and method.

Alleged " innovate " , it is to point to after ABC of achieve mastery through a comprehensive study of the subject, sex of the flexibility that in the process that solve a problem place expression comes out, Promethean, forthright, critically sex and deep sex. Innovation ability expresses the knowledge that uses place integratedly now to had learned to analyse a problem not only, solve a problem, more important is discovery new issue, widen and deepen learns intellectual territory, enhance ability of oneself meet an emergency ceaselessly. For this, the did not discuss with the teacher issue that the knowledge that every classmate should notice to the basis has learned goes to doing not have on discovery and mining book. If understand a variety of intention of a concept, think to a problem from different point of view (inscribe much solution namely) , inscribe the rule to having the problem of general character to sum up solution (inscribe one solution more namely) , discovery solves the thoughtway of the problem to wait.
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