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Chemistry studies a method: Any of several hot spice plants of amine of of ha
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(article author the university entrance exam is chemical this year 145 minutes, science department always is divided 513, be graduated from Yan'an middle school, already by Fudan University Chemstry Department admit)

Sum up me to study chemical method, can generalize with 16 words: Do not understand to ask slow, attack by surprise coils afterthought; Much dot thinks, defeat sb by a surprise action.

Do not understand to ask to be able to take a lot of roundabout way less of course, but I think not to understand to ask slow also have not cannot. When we are reading, always be step down down oneself thinking road, this way is the rightest oneself, go lightly of course. When encountering a problem, we stop, if go instantly,consult the word of others right now, we go very easily into the road of others, if it is the word of that way that you want to search, you overcome difficulty smoothly, if it is not your road, you go astray, you can encounter a chain of problem later, so I am advocated do not understand to ask slow.

Attack by surprise coils afterthought: Oneself solve oneself problem, should help you solve than others come deeply. We can return start afresh, examine the route that we had taken afresh, whether do we walk along this region years to considering appreciation view in first time, and forgot thing of very heavy good in roadside? The process that I think to think repeatedly all the time, also be study needs the process of classics.

Much dot thinks even if we are said one problem is more to solve at ordinary times. In my process in study chemistry very the attention thinks at many o'clock, to a problem I often should find out 3 kinds of two methods, undertake comparative to different method, such is in in the exam I often can choose a shortcut, achieve the result of defeat sb by a surprise action, this pair raises answering question speed and correct rate to also have profit greatly. I still like to undertake the reflection of course across to a problem, the physics that can make we learn so and biology knowledge and connection of chemical and organic ground are together, do not have local color one time.

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