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Analyse of exemple of examination questions of fill a vacancy of individual even
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The characteristic of examination questions of fill a vacancy of individual event of English the university entrance exam is ABC enclothes bizygomatic breadth, words condition involves an area wide. In recent years, the design of examination questions of individual fill a vacancy pays attention to the check that uses actually to language knowledge more, the select material that problem of major examination questions does more tend words condition is changed, the examination questions of pure and curt check grammar knowledge is basically nonexistent; In the Yu Zhen of check be in harmony language knowledge's solid scene, knowledge of outstanding antonym character uses the check of ability neatly. So, want to do examination questions of very individual fill a vacancy, want besides ABC excellent, fundamental concept wants to be clear about, more important is the decent sex that notices a language. That is to say, place choosing answer should accord with the affection of condition of habitual use, words, scene and talking person to wait, only such, ability reduces error.

Article nearby comes a few years the examination questions of a few more typical individual fill a vacancy in examination questions of the university entrance exam undertake consider and be analyticed.

One, the usage of check verb tense

1. - - Hey, look Where You Are Going! (NMET99)

- - Oh, i'm Terribly Sorry. _____

A.I'm Not Noticing

B.I Wasn't Noticing

C.I Haven't Noticed

D.I Don't Notice

According to characteristic judgement of the dialog, the subject place is denotive time is at the moment, an explains Sorry to doing the business that pass then reason of blank place, not be right now, saying Sorry with the thing that often has done. So denotive movement does not accord with person C and D option Sorry place is denotive words condition. B for right answer, meaning for " a moment ago I did not notice all the time " , so, express an apology. Had tense place in the past denotive movement is the action that having some time in the past. In daily intercourse, general tense, general now preterit of the verb, past undertakes tense and present perfect condition are compared commonly used.

2. Shirely _______a Book About China Last Year, but I Don't Know Whether She Has Finished It. (NMET98)

A. Has Written B. Wrote

C. Had Written D. Was Writing

The language place that the subject provides from place of I Don't Know Whether She Has Finished It is conjectural, the intent of talking person is to state the movement of Write A Book does not know to whether be finished. Denotive movement of Wrote of Has Written of present perfect condition, preterit and pluperfect condition Had Written is the action that has completed, in working with the problem hind condition of a words nots agree with. Because this has D option only,be optimal answer. Undertook tense in the past denotive movement is the action that having some time in the past, often do not know to whether be finished. Interference of Wrote of option of the subject day is bigger. Because, inscribing the Last Year in working is the time adverbial modifier with preterit use consecutively. But, preterit shows when the movement occurs commonly, and do not show the movement lasts how long, the action that and denotive movement was in the past has completed. For example: She Wrote A Book About China Last Year. Means: "She wrote a book about China last year. " however, the Wrote in the subject, after be not being accorded with " I Don't Know Whe Ther She Has Finished It. " words condition demand. So, do examination questions of individual fill a vacancy to also want to have canto consciousness and context consciousness.
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