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Of rhetorical method differentiate with apply example to teach
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[example 1] point out what following sentence used rhetorical method, say its express intention.
Oily Ling is here croon, cricket people play musical instrument here.
① rhetorical method: ____________________
② action: ____________________________________________________________
[analytic] the character of this problem chooses the essay from Lu Xun gentleman " reach 3 flavour bookstore field from 100 grass " , the author used the rhetorical method of personification here, should grow up oily Ling cricket, say they are in " croon " , " play musical instrument " , behaved the characteristic with their euphonic song on one hand, its song plays musical instrument like low responsory of the person really. Drew up children is opposite again on the other hand the feeling of oily Ling cricket, behaved the disposition of the innocent joy of children.
[teach] personification is rhetorical of the method apply, want the characteristic accord with the thing already, want the mood accord with the character again, before this problem one little problem is not difficult, it is the judgement of a rhetorical method only, difficulty is on the 2nd little problem, you should answer its the reason why: What is so rhetorical advantage. Returning those who a bit want to notice is, the 2nd little problem is subjective recount a problem, when narrating, the language should have been organized, expression wants accurate, write should correct.
[example 2] follow illustrative sentence, still with " ethereal star " make a figure of speech for noumenon sentence. Illustrative sentence: Ethereal star showed, seeming is light countless streetlight.
Sentence-making: Ethereal star showed, ________________________________________ .
(Hunan Province the Changsha City is medium 2001 examination questions)
[analytic] should think of above all " ethereal star " it is dispersive illuminant. Appear very small below the set off of tent, the analogy body in illustrative sentence " streetlight " also be the small dispersive illuminant below set off of curtain of night, so their similar point is caught very definitely, make sentential analogy is gotten common, appropriate. Answer sentence should hold to this, the sentence that makes oneself draw up accords with a requirement to have originality again already. Be like: Seem to blinking countless eyes.
[teach] choose Yu Tiyi to want surely appropriate, common, decent. There should be similar place between analogy body and noumenon. This kind of inscribe comes out must be being gotten is an analogy sentence, the statement wants clear and coherent, cannot have wrongly written or mispronounced characters, want to affect result otherwise.
[example 3] delete and change below the share that the line draws in the sentence, make it and the sentence in front comprise dual.
Southeast of look into the distance, build few points to depend on hill building a pavilion or house on a terrace; See northwest role nearly, build the Xuan Zhai that removes 3 to be faced with green water.
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