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Answering question of English of the university entrance exam has skill
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The English of the university entrance exam this year should have taken an examination of all sorts of problems skill with all have certain but abide.

Take an examination of audition to want to make full use of the time before listening to recording and listen to the halt time speedread between each paragraphs of dialog title and all option, next the edge listens, choice of speculation of notes of edge understanding, margin, edge, edge. Element should be tackled when listening to discourse namely character, incident, time, place, so that better geographical solution and memory are complete " piece " story, maintain good state of mind, because avoid by all means is impatient and the influence listens the content from the back.

Individual choice in recent years its content more and more press close to lives, accordingly examinee is mixed besides the vocabulary that reviews file of the place that check key link syntactic knowledge, notice Baconian English-Chinese even the difference of two kinds of culture, be familiar with learns habitual use, increase the capacity that complies with words condition.

Be over model before fill a vacancy suggests to solve a problem be sure to first read through full text, context can be contacted to spread out logistic thinking after read through full text, accurate hold acceptation, eliminate to disturb. Normally below the circumstance one is over model fill a vacancy has few points answer to decide hard surely, essential when deliberate doubtful point buckle article meaning scene, seek clue from inside context, the structure of the sentence after making the answer is filled without fail and meaning are to be able to fluctuate coherent.

Read understanding, full text of careful read through wants before solution is inscribed, encounter mysterious word group and sentence not impatient, realize according to context as far as possible piece its justice, when solution is inscribed, want " taking a problem to read check essay " analytic judgement, after whole solution to a problem is over, should check seriously.

Essay changes a fault, in search line by line the attention should be emphasized to see sentential structure when investigating an error complete, usage of be used to reading review secures collocation correct, logic of settle on later development is sound, look advocate call to whether agree, tense, voice is correct, article, pronoun, conjunction, adjective, adverb and relatival use are proper.

In recent years written expression all uses English the university entrance exam the method that drawing hints, requirement examinee writes the essay that a 100 words control according to drawing content, encounter this one form, answer above all careful careful problem, listed outline or draft an a draft worked out in one's mind, manage clear thinking, capture point section to state next. In the sentence when expression appropriate weak point shoulds not be long, careful mix with the participle compound sentence, when series connection existing writings the attention has used proper conjunction to be like And, but, then, besides, while, such making that the person looks a general name for arteries and veins clear, distinct.
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