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In how is the university entrance exam spent in the evening before today
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A few classmates often can have the feeling of in a desperate situation of in a state of anxiety before take an examination of, be in especially of the exam before today this kind feels in the evening particularly fierce. It is nevertheless after the exercise that passed a year and imitate, this kind of mood meets most propbably more or less somewhat delay wind so, also regard itself of the university entrance exam as had been waited for in light of imitate.

Of the university entrance exam how should be spent after all in the evening before today.

Should eat dinner above all with very good appetite, need not too costly and big, but can have a few kinds of dish or fastfood variety more, and should add some of flesh egg more kind food. Because the breakfast tomorrow morning is again good, the nutrition that can absorb truly is digested very hard also immediately absorb, " eat to be used namely namely " , besides breakfast is like impossibly also in evening is prandial and same.

Not was necessary to read textbook or reference book again, if think really,look can break up denounce Chinese text and literary common sense (the person that by the convention the first day of the first division always takes an examination of Chinese " in fact right now " grind a gun " what what obtain is effect of a kind of psychology completely.

If flatter oneself " gun " grind already already fast smooth, that also can hear music or see light reading. Want to notice in select material respect nevertheless, composition should with relaxed and lively advisable, book with pictorial of records of beguiling sex books or and so on of word of Tang poetry the Song Dynasty had better, do not choose those to hang bone strong music or exciting composition and work, because can stimulate pallium in that way, make this relatively stable already excited kitchen range is transferred. If watch TV, also should notice these when choosing a program. Want special attention to prevent to stretch tight Gong Xian too closely, but also do not advocate loosen engorge to be troubled by greatly thoroughly, should object long chess, card, mahjong waiting for kind of activity more, will affect the memory before taking an examination of greatly because of that. The writing material that exam place needs should days or already prepared to end several days ago, place should do tonight just go to their put together together (for instance on a clean desktop) , so that be born of quick tomorrow profit is successful the belt is neat. Next, it is comfortable ground sleeps good became aware. Go to bed should not spend evening, but also do not have necessary too early, lest lays down early toss about on the bed however. Want not to conflict with examination time only, still maintain original before work and rest to be used to as far as possible. The foot is washed with lukewarm bath before sleeping, can conduce to Morpheus. However, a lot of examinee are in draw near can appear because of nervous angst when the university entrance exam rest bad, sleep to be not worn even the case that become aware, then some examinee take the sleeping pill of certain amount.
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