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Vocabulary of 4 class exam and syntactic propositional characteristic, rule
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One, propositional characteristic
Vocabulary and syntactic structure in all 30 little problems, every are small inscribe 0.5 minutes, answering question time is 20 minutes. Among them, structural problem is occupied 60% , in all 18 problems. Lexical problem is occupied 40% , in all 12 problems. " outline " regulation, the English foundation that college undergraduate students is in two years should master basic and syntactic knowledge of English in class study, include accidence among them (noun, pronoun, numeral, adjective, adverbial, verb the usage that wait) . Syntax (tense, mood, word order, subordinate clause) use correctly. "Vocabulary and syntactic " sentence be in the light of afore-mentioned content design.
Inscribe statistic according to exposure of all previous country, "Vocabulary and grammar " propositional content of the part includes the following fields:
Scale of project content frequency (% )
Name, acting, form, move, deputy etc 10. 0 3. 3
2 interpose, coronal, conjunction. 8 9
Verbal phrase is tie-in 4. 4 14. 6
Be not predicate verb 3. 2 10. 6
Fictitious mood 1. 8 6
Tense, voice 1. 6 5
Advocate call consistent 0. 4 1
Of all kinds subordinate clause 1. 8 6
Specific structure and sentence pattern 2. 8 9
Elliptically with install 0. 5 2

2, rule giving a title
The test key of 1 vocabulary
1) close justice word and close look statement
A. Close justice word: Point to meaning close, the word with easy and promiscuous examinee. Emphasize check examinee to cut understanding really to acceptation.
B. Close look statement: Although acceptation is different,point to but the place that there is certain likeness in the morphology respect such as the spelling of the word, pronunciation. What this kind of examination questions emphasizes check examinee to be remembered to the vocabulary is accurate with competence.
2) verbal phrase
This kind of examination questions includes transitive verb and adverbial word, the phrase that transitive verb and preposition form. It takes an examination of what delve gives birth to these pair of phrase to form the control with the meaning already, and check their usage.
3) preposition phrase
While this kind of examination questions is taking an examination of delve to give birth to the control of pair of preposition meanings, the control of the fixed collocation that takes an examination of delve to give birth to pair of different preposition and its object and usage circumstance. For example: Preposition takes the object of each form such as noun, gerundial, subordinate clause, question and indeterminate form; Preposition phrase becomes attributive, predicative, adverbial modifier, object complemental language is waited a moment.
4) the habit is tie-in
All sorts of other and fixed usage of noun of check of this kind of examination questions, adjective, verb, preposition, include a few idiom and idiom form reach a meaning, quite large proportion is had in the test.
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