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Liu teacher
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Number: 3336 full names: Liu teacher√
Sexual distinction: Female birth date: 1984-06
Nation: Appearance of politics of the Han nationality: Party member
Come from province: Gansu Province citizenship / study abroad: China
Read a school: Lanzhou business school is current the identity: On-the-job personnel
What learn major: The accountant is current record of formal schooling: Undergraduate course graduates
Domestic abode: The area just outside a city gate
Hold a post area: The area just outside a city gate
Attestation circumstance: This station already the certificate that examine and verify crosses this teacher, attestation time is recently: 2008-10-28
Land time recently: 2008-10-28 16:32:34

Family education information

Foreign language specialty: English grade 4 class mandarin: Standard
Can teach way: The teacher comes to coach experience: 4 years
Can teach course: Preschool education, elementary school Chinese, elementary school maths, first one first 2 Chinese, first one dyad learns first, essence of life allows mandarin, vocal dancing, the program is chaired
Can teach area: The area just outside a city gate, 7 lis of rivers
Ego description:
Specialty reveals: 1, standard mandarin
2, the gift of tongues is strong
3, adjust classroom atmosphere capability is strong
4, writing capability is strong, had obtained the Gansu Province award of peony of the 2nd quyi creates kind of third class award
5, achievement of the Chinese when him the university entrance exam is 122.5 minutes, maths is 110 minutes (2002 science department of the university entrance exam)
6, as a result of time reason, oneself are junior high school only now the student before 2 grade coachs, and course is given priority to with Chinese, maths.
7, oneself are met slightly etc of ethical vocal music is artistic, had attended for many times big medium or small show

Family education experience:
Student evaluation:
Education achievement: 1, 2006 up to now, give birth to Chinese of take lessons after school, maths for Gao Sanxue, common kind of examinee, chinese composition level and ABC level can have stability to rise, mathematical achievement raises 90 minutes of above when the university entrance exam from 50 minutes; Artistic kind of old boy, chinese achievement raises 100 or so from 70 minutes, maths raises the left and right sides from 0 foundations (3 months time)
2, 2005 up to now, for maths of take lessons after school of student of junior high school, achievement has rise apparently
Firewood fulfil standard: Cheeper 30 yuan / hour elementary school 25 yuan / hour junior high school 30 yuan / other side discusses the hour

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