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Teacher of the Qin Dynasty
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Number: 3290 full names: Teacher of the Qin Dynasty
Sexual distinction: Female birth date: 1987-11
Nation: Appearance of politics of the Han nationality: Other
Come from province: Gansu Province citizenship / study abroad: China
Read a school: Portion of predecessor of eye of northwest Normal University: Tourist guide, family education
What learn major: English is current record of formal schooling: Three-year institution of higher learning graduates
Domestic abode: Quiet
Hold a post area: Quiet
Land time recently: 2008-10-28 9:27:27

Family education information

Foreign language specialty: English grade does not have mandarin: Standard
Can teach way: The teacher comes to coach experience: 3 years
Can teach course: First first 2 English, english
Can teach area: Quiet, the area just outside a city gate, 7 lis of rivers, 7 lis of quiet, the area just outside a city gate, rivers
Ego description:
Specialty reveals: I am certain “ does not have longer than the foot way, without taller than the person hill ” , wanted to pay what have get one's own back with respect to regular meeting only. I am taken an examination of now have English 4 class card, tourist guide card. . . . Ask you to believe: Does ≡ Cheng also change Dong Hui?
Family education experience:
Student evaluation:
Education achievement: Have experience of rich family education of junior high school
Firewood fulfil standard: Water gauge of fuel of net of executive sunshine family education is accurate

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