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Recruit students of countrywide common colleges and universities united exam Eng
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hank (3 parts, in all 115 cent)

The first part: Audition (summary)

The 2nd part: English knowledge is applied (in all two, full marks 45 cent)

The first: Individual fill a vacancy (in all 15 little problems; Every are small inscribe 1 minute, full marks 15 cent)

From A, B, C, D4 in option, elect the optimal option that can write blank part, block admiral in answering question this Tu Hei.

21. , I''m Taking My Driving Test Tomorrow.

, __________ !

A. Cheers B. Good Luck

C. Come On D. Congratulations

22. Excuse Me For Breaking In, __________ I Have Some News For You.

A. So B. And C. But D. Yet

23. , You Haven''t Said A Word About My New Coat, brenda. Do You Like It?

, I''m Sorry I ________ Anything About It Sooner. I Certainly Think It''s Pretty On You.

A. Wasn''t Saying B. Don''t Say

C. Won''t Say D. Didn''t Say

24. The Mother Didn''t Know ________ To Blame For The Broken Glass As It Happened While She Was Out.

A. Who B. When C. How D. What

25. , Is John Coming By Train?

, He Should, but He ________ Not. He Likes Driving His Car.

A. Must B. Can D. Need D. May

26. Jumping Out Of ________ Airplane At Ten Thousand Feet Is Quite Exciting Experience

A. Do not fill; The B. Do not fill; An C. An; An D. The; The

27. Boris Has Brains. In Fact, idoubt Whether Anyone In The Class Has ________ IQ.

A. A High B. A Higher C. The Higher D. The Highest

28. The Taxi Driver Often Reminds Passengers To ________ Their Belongings When They Leave The Car.

A. Keep B. Catch C. Hold D. Take

29. I Wonder Why Jenny ________ Us Recently. We Should Have Heard From Her By Now.

A. Hasn''t Written B. Doesn''t Write

C. Won''t Write D. Hadn''t Written

30. John Shut Everybody Out Of The Kitchen ________ He Could Prepare His Grand Surprise For The Party.

A. Which B. When C. So That D. As If

31. We Thought Of Selling This Old Furniture, but We''ve Decided To ________ It. It Might Be Valuable.

A. Hold On To B. Keep Up With C. Turn To D. Look After