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Beijing Anhui Inner Mongolia 3 ground December 2001 examination paper of English
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Ⅱ . Be over model fill a vacancy (in all 25 little problems, every are small inscribe 1 minute; Full marks 25 cent)

Read below essay, master its carelessness, in 4 option that inscribe place to give each from 26-50 next, single out an optimal answer.

People Do Not Analyse Every Problem They Meet. Sometimes They Try To Remember A Solution From The Last Time They Had A 26 Problem. They Often Accept The Opinion Or Ideas Of Other People. Other Times They Begin To Act Without 27;they Try To Find A Solution By Trial And Error. 28, when All Of These Methods 29, the Person With A Problem Has To Start Analysing. There Are Six 30 In Analysing A Problem.

31 The Person Must Recognise That There Is A Problem. For Example, sam ' S Bicycle Is Broken, and He Cannot Ride It To Class As He Usually Does. Sam Must 32 That There Is A Problem With His Bicycle.

Next The Person Must 33 The Problem. Before Sam Can Repair His Bicycle, he Must Know Why It Does Not Work. For Example, he Must 34 The Parts That Are Wrong.

Now The Person Must Look For 35 That Will Make The Problem Clearer And Lead To 36 Solutions. For Example, suppose Sam 37 That His Bike Does Not Work Because There Is Something Wrong With The Brakes. 38 He Can Look In His Bicycle Repair Book And Read About Brakes, 39 His Friends At The Bike Shop, or Look At His Brakes Carefully.

After 40 The Problem, the Person Should Have 41 Suggestions For A Possible Solution. Take Sam As An Example 42, his Suggestions Might Be: Tighten Or Loosen The Brakes; Buy New Brakes And Change The Old Ones.

In The End, one 43 Seems To Be The Solution 44 The Problem. Sometimes The 45 Idea Comes Quite 46 Because The Thinker Suddenly Sees Something In A 47 Way. Sam, for Example, chewing gum of Suddenly Sees There Is A Piece Of Chewing Gum() Stuck To A Brake. He 48 Hits On The Solution To His Problem: He Must 49 The Brake.

Finally The Solution Is 50. Sam Does It And Finds His Bicycle Works Perfectly. In Short He Has Solved The Problem.

26. A Serious B Usual C Similar D Common

27. A Practice B Thinking C Understanding D Help

28. A Besides B Instead C Otherwise D However

29. A. Fail B. Work C. Change D. Develop

30. A. Ways B. Conditions C. Stages D. Orders

31. A. First B. Usually C. In General D. Most Importantly

32. A. Explain B. Prove C. Show D. See

33. A. Judge B. Find C. Describe D. Face

34. A. Check B. Determine C. Correct D. Recover

35. A. Answers B. Skills C. Explanation D. Information

36. A. Possible B. Exact C. Real D. Special

37. A. Hopes B. Argues C. Decides D. Suggests

38. A. In Other Words B. Once In A While

C. First Of All D. At This Time

39. A. Look For B. Talk To C. Agree With D. Depende On

40. A. Discussing B. Settling Down C. Comparing With D. Stuying

41. A. Extra B. Enough C. Several D. Countless

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