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Let your 46 class English write graced good sentence
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1.Time Flies.

Years passes easily.

2. Time Is Money.

A inch of time a inch of gold.

3. Time And Tide Wait For No Man.

Years callosity; Years passes easily; Person of years prep before.

4. Time Tries All.

Time tests everything.

5. Time Tries Truth.

Time tests the truth.

6. Time Past Cannot Be Called Back Again.

Time is gone forever.

7. All Time Is No Time When It Is Past.

Time is gone forever.

8. No One Can Call Back Yesterday;Yesterday Will Not Be Called Again.

Yesterday not answer come.

9. Tomorrow Comes Never.

Do not depend on tomorrow.

10.One Today Is Worth Two Tomorrows.

Today be better than two tomorrow.

11.The Morning Sun Never Lasts A Day.

Good view is seldom; The rising sun cannot illumination full day.

12.Christmas Comes But Once A Year.

The Christmas a year for a time.

13.Pleasant Hours Fly Past.

If fly,happy years goes.

14.Happiness Takes No Account Of Time.

Joyous amusement nots hesitate years passes.

15.Time Tames The Strongest Grief.

Time can alleviate exceeding bitterness.

16.The Day Is Short But The Work Is Much.

The work is much, time force.

17.Never Deter Till Tomorrow That Which You Can Do Today.

The thing must finish now now, do not protracted to tomorrow.

18.Have You Somewhat To Do Tomorrow, do It Today.

Will be like tomorrow occupied, be done today.

19.To Him That Does Everything In Its Proper Time, one Day Is Worth Three.

At every turn is done in time, one day gets the better of 3 days.

20.To Save Time Is To Lengthen Life.

Economic time prolongs life namely.

21.Everything Has Its Time And That Time Must Be Watched.

Everythings on earth all sometimes, will cannot be broken when.

22.Take Time When Time Cometh, lest Time Steal Away.

When must want to take the advantage of when, otherwise when go silence.

23.When An Opportunity Is Neglected, it Never Comes Back To You.

Can't afford to lose the opportunity, come no longer when; The opportunity passes, never come again.

24.Make Hay While The Sun Shines.

It is good to bask in grass to want to take the advantage of the sun.

25.Strike While The Iron Is Hot.

Strike while iron is hot.

26.Work Today, for You Know Not How Much You May Be Hindered Tomrrow.

Now is occupied now is done, ming Dynasty is likely block up is much.

27.Punctuality Is The Soul Of Business.

Time keeping is the element that establishs line of business.

28.Procrastination Is The Thief Of Time.

Follow is protracted the archenemy that is time; Protracted waste time namely.

29.Every Tide Hath Ist Ebb.

When tide goes up to surely tide falls.

30.Knowledge Is Power.

Knowledge is force.

31.Wisdom Is More To Be Envied Than Riches.
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