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The clever interpreter law of English numeral
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Some numeral in English are OK when Chinese interpret equivalence interpreter. But, also many numeral are in in Chinese interpret cannot equivalence interpreter, complete perhaps not interpret comes out. Processing technique of this kind of interpreter is to make Chinese interpret sentence can accord with the expressive habit of Chinese. Illustrate parts under.

   (1) equivalence translates:

A drop in the sea of A Drop In The Ocean

The Yao of one arrow of Within A Stone''s Throw

Kill two hawks with one arrow of Ki11 Two Birds With One Stone

A Fall Into The Pit, a Gain In Your Wit. Eat one chasm, long one wisdom.

   (2) differs value interpreter:

At Sixes And Sevens is farfetched

Yon Second Thoughts considers repeatedly

By Ones And Twos two two ground, by ones and twos

Two Heads Are Better Than One. 3 smelly cobbler surpass Zhu Geliang.

Can You Come Down A Little? - - Sorry, it''s One Price For All are you a bit cheaper sell? I am sorry, not diatomic.

He Had One Over The Eight After Be Drank Only Half Bottle Of The Wine. He just drank half bottles of wine drunk 7 crooked 8 fell.

   (3) need not interpret goes out:

One Man''s Meat Is Another Man''s Poison. Person each has his likes and dislikes

I''ll Love You Three Score And Ten. I can love you all one's life.

Ten To One He Has Forgotten It. Probable he had forgotten.

His Mark In Math Is Second To None In The Class. His mathematical mark is be among the best of candidates on the class.

She Is A Second Lei Feng. She is the character of type of thunder sharp edge.

I Always Believe My Sixth Sense. I always believe my intuition.

He Talks About You Nine Times Out Of Ten When We Have A Chat. Every time our prattle he almost refer you.

The Parson Official1y Pronounced That They Became One. The priest proclaims formally they get married.

I Used To Study In France In The Year One. My one's early years ever learned in France.
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