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The characteristic on each country national emblem the concise and gnomic a coll
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National emblem is a country most the concentration, most concise, most of lifelike indicative. On majestic national emblem, outside dividing concerned design, some countries are returned above the concise maxim that writes on one to contain philosophic theory sex, in order to express this state the characteristic of people, this nation, belief and long-cherished wish.

   India(India) : The Truth Is Above Anything. Truth prep above everything.

   Nepal(Nepalese) : The Motherland Is Even More Valuable Than The Paradise. The motherland is more precious than heaven.

   Nigeria(Nigeria) : Unity And Confidence. Solidarity and confidence.

   Zambia(Zambia) : One Zambia, a Nationality. A Zambia, a nation.

   Burma(Burmese) : Harmony And The Life In Good Order Contain The Happiness. Harmonious and Methodistic life contain is worn happy.

   Bolivia(Bolivia) : God, honor, motherland. Sacred, honorary, motherland.

   France(France) : Freedom, equality, fraternity. Free, equal, humanitarian.

   Norway(Norwegian) : All Is For Norway. Everything for Norway.

   Switzerland(Switzerland) : All, for Everybody; Everybody, for A Person. Everything is everybody, everybody is one person.

   Singapore(Singapore) : Advance, singapore. Ongoing, singapore.

   Belgium(Belgian) : Unity Is The Strength. Solidarity is force.

   ) of New Zealand(New Zealand: Honest Forever. Forever just.

   Britain(England) : Evil Is Rewarded With Evil. Right Of God And Me. Sow the wind and reap the whirlwind. God and my influence.

   U.S.A. (American) : It Is One To Shut Ally. Close numerous for one.

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