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English little common sense: The expressive law of all sorts of common diseases
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Have a headache Headache

Cold Cold

Cough Cough

Pneumonic Pneumonia

Hepatitis Hepatitis

Meningitis Brain Fever/meningitis

Cystitis Cystitis

Acute gastritis Acute Gastritis

Gastritis Gastritis

Tracheitis Trachitis

Bronchitic Bronchitis

Appendicitis Appendicitis

Gastroenteritis Gastroenteritis

Mastitis Mastitis

Tumor Tumor

Cancer Cancer

Avian flu Bird Flu/avian Influenza

SARS SARS(Severe Acute Respiratary


Mad Cow Disease of mad ox disease

The plaque Black Death

Leukaemia Leukemia

AIDS AIDS(Acquired Immune

Deficiency Syndrome)

Flu Influenza

Cataract Cataract

Hydrophobic Rabies

Apoplectic Stroke

Coronary Heart Disease of coronary heart disease

Diabetic Diabetes

Lung cancer Lung Cancer

Liver Cancer of cancer of the liver

Phthisical Pulmonary Tuberculosis

Liver cirrhosis Hepatocirrhosis

Chronic Chronic

Emphysema Emphysema

Cancer Of Stomach of cancer of the stomach

Stomach trouble Stomach Trouble

Heart disease Heart Disease

Have a fever Fever

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