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12 constellation learn English to be compared greatly go all out
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Aries Aries (on March 21 ~4 month 20 days)

The Fire Element Of Arise Brings Assertive " I " Energy.

Of igneous photograph constellation idiosyncratic the ego force that makes Aries has special self-confidence.

   TIPS: Your Persistence Will Lead You To Success. But Your Impulsive Temper May Cause Problems.

   Study photograph Insist to be able to make you successful, but the defect that loves impulse also can bring a trouble.

   Taurus is taurine (in April 21~5 month 21 days)

The Earth Element Of Taurus Brings Strength And The Desire For Solid Ground Form And Structure.

Of earthy photograph constellation idiosyncratic let taurine longing and have hardheaded capacity.

   TIPS: You Might Be A Little Bit Slow-witted, but Your Consistency Will Make It Up.

   Study photograph You perhaps are turned over a bit duer slow, but your firm and persistent meeting offsets this weakness.

   Gemini Gemini (on May 22 ~6 month 21 days)

The Air Element Of Gemini Brings Communication, intellect And Speed.

Of wind direction constellation idiosyncratic let Gemini have communication capacity, wisdom and speed.

   TIPS: Your Mutable Motivation Brings Adaptability.

   Study photograph Your changeful make you can get used to a thing.

   Cancer Cancer (on June 22 ~7 month 22 days)

Cancer ' S Element Is Water. Symbolic Of The Emotions, water Signs Need To Give And Receive.

Cancer it is water photograph constellation. Water is affective symbolizes, of water idiosyncratic be give and accept.

   TIPS: Good Memory Is Your Born Gift.

   Study photograph Good memory is your native talent.

   Leo Leo (on July 23 ~8 month 23 days)

Leo Is Fire To The Core! Fire Brings A Desire To Create, innovate, and Lead.

Leo is the center of igneous photograph constellation. Fire caused creation, innovate the desire with the leader.

   TIPS: Your Fixed Motivation Adds Self-reliance. But Remember To Balance Self-confidence With Humility.

   Study photograph You are right of the target adamantine make you self-confident. But remember self-confidence also needs modesty to balance.

   Virgo is maiden (on August 24 ~9 month 23 days)

Ruled By Shape-shifting Mercury, virgo Works Hard To Stability.

Below mercurial control of flow, maiden a need effort ability gains stability.

   TIPS: A Good Educational Background Is Important. Diligence Is Your Advantage.

   Study photograph Good educational background is very important. Your advantage is assiduous.
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