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Research shows the person already placed prospective end when 11 years old
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By The Time They Are 11 Years Old The Majority Of Children Have Made Up Their Mind About Their Future - And Stick To Their Plans, according To New Research.

A Study Carried Out By The Economic And Social Research Council Found That 80% Of 11-year-olds Who Said They Were Going To Continue In Education After 16 Did So, and That Almost 70% Of Those Who Said They Were Going To Leave School Did Not Return After Their GCSEs.

Professor Paul Croll, who Carried Out The Study, said The Results Revealed That Many Children Had Taken Important Decisions By The Time They Left Primary School. "It Is Very Striking That Intentions About Staying On Or Not Are Actually Realised In Such A High Proportion Of Cases, "He Said.

The Link Between Achievement At 11 And Later In Life Has Been Well Documented. Last Week Ruth Kelly, the Education Secretary, gave A Speech To The Institute For Public Policy Research That Stressed The Importance Of Quality Childcare And Pre-school Education.

But Prof Croll''s Research - Which Analysed The Responses Of 11-year-old Children In The First Term Of Secondary School, asked Whether They Would Stay In Education After They Were 16 - Is The First To Highlight The Extent To Which Children Have Already Made Decisions About Their Future By The Time They Leave Primary School.

"These Results Show That Young People''s Orientations Towards Education And Schooling Are Relatively Firmly Fixed By The Time They Leave Primary School, "Said Prof Croll.

"However, it Should Also Be Noted That Most Of Those Who Say They Will Leave Waver. . . And, at Least At Some Points, they Become Unsure About Their Intentions. They Become Unsure About Their Intentions..

Research shows the person already placed prospective end when 11 years old

England is newest a findings that announce shows, most England child begins to ponder over his future when the middle school is entered when 11 years old, and to oneself the development henceforth places specific struggling target.

According to " defend a newspaper " will report on August 8, british economy and social research council ever were opposite a flock of children that just raise a middle school undertake investigating, after asking whether they plan to graduate in the middle school, continue to take advanced courses. After several years, the person that those show to want to attend a college in investigation has 80% to be like finally wished, and the philtrum that school yard can leave after graduating with respect to the decision at that time has 70% also is according to former plan act. Paul · Professor Kroll that manages job of this investigation and study points out, the result makes clear, a lot of people are when elementary school graduation can make relatively clear-cut decision to his future.

Dan Keluo Er expresses at the same time, when also many students that ever did not express to attend a college learn graduation in draw near, deny namely continue to take advanced courses behave pendulously, this explains their life aim to him future is not affirmatory. (Civil / Zhang Yong)
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