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American place name is super do laugh at an interpreter
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I feel previous when to translating foreign place name, worship foreign things a little, choose good word completely upgrade is stuck, easily " beautiful " ah, "Flower " ah, "Heart " ah of what. The person has preconceived idea, if change neuter term, which still have so great charm? If pay all derogatory sense, do not have certain we in those days won't an idea goes abroad studied abroad.

Above all, we becomes American interpret " discharge Mai Li " (Ameri-ca) , absolutely " the letter is amounted to " , although a little not " elegant " . But let a person listen to this place, not be barren pretty an out-of-the-way place, it is barren mountains and unruly rivers, those who eat those who pull is a seed completely, inevitable look before you leap. Where to see a capital be in again? "Earthnut collect " (Washington) ? ! Full height one professional village. The state crop on the side is planted bad, autumn harvest arrives " Mai Li is sodden " (Maryland) , see 3 minutes the person is short so, "Not reach you ah " (Virginia) ! Be apt to of person weak character, conversation is genteel. Big in the west that " earthnut collect " a bit good a bit, have in collect " fine bud pursues " (Seattle) , sound resembling is station of an agricultural scientific research.

Oneself sneak away first door going abroad, cafeteria works " twist a waist " (NewYork) , incomplete, sad, lament to heaven and knock one's head on earth have " ruffian " gas, "Abandoned slow-witted oh useless bifurcation " (Philadelphia) ! Abbreviation " useless city " , listening is sodden place. By all account Xi Anyang light is beautiful, "Chicken of naked unlined upper garment " (LosAngeles) woman does not wear the dress, register a little bag that go into business bathes. Seek refuge with relatives goes straight towards friend to leave open one's eyes go. But the a person engaged in some particular pursuit is long provoking be disgusted with, "In the home irritated your bifurcation " (California) , family is irritated you take dirty word, can you still go with thickskinned? Actually, it where go to is not easy also to where go to, it is trap everywhere, either " lure her " (Utah) , namely " cheat his where " (Montana) !

The place that I had reached brother is not much, be in the earliest " hunger is hungry still " (Ohio) reads, that place often follows be troubled by natural disaster like, eat be on short commons, how to become knowledge? Again caustic bit, interpret is become " discharge still discharge " , can scare the person paralysis, brave man cannot sustain 3 bubble are rare, if perpetual, moisture all is broken, still do not become mummy finally. So I run.

The place that lives now is close be next to " dog having the home " (Chicago) , rich rising is hopeless, also blame all round dread. North has " overcome a bit to death only " (Wisconsin) , south complain " shade ground is dark which " (Indiana) ! Here does not have too much and whirly leeway, only " a li of move " (Illinois) , toward east " fan crazy with " (Michigan) , following the past is a lake, can wide mistily, did not hear west those who receive " alas Oh wow " (Iowa) , either groan is one Jing one suddenly.
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