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Juxian farm population into early education services
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This year, the Ju County Family Planning Bureau of the population of early education services to enhance the quality of births as an important means to Take Measures to carry out farm activities into population, early childhood services, stimulate public participation in the passion of the work force early education to increase public awareness of scientific child, good results . Expand the service object. Will be 3 years old infants by parents to expand early education service object to the "quasi-parent", care of people and migrant families, so that benefit the masses to achieve full coverage. Flexible service approach. Schools open to the population combined with social class, parents, expert speakers and exchange of experience combining households combination of guidance and information campaign, focused on training and training points combined, etc., as a target to build a platform for mutual exchange of learning and achieve population of early childhood knowledge sharing. Rich services. Not only to explain, teach maternal and child health, breastfeeding, child development science intellectual knowledge, but also additional training in early childhood speech perception, physical exercise training, rehabilitation training, to prevent birth defects and other content, enriched services. Establishment of service files. Infants and young children aged 0-3 to develop training programs for families, early childhood population distribution of training materials, the establishment of the healthy growth of babies files, records the growth and development situation of children and parents of child-care experience, comprehensive grasp of the child's growth status, targeted for young children and parents to carry out services.
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