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Four experts in law and tutor in the shop teacher experience and advanced tech
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Recently, four in the square Dianxiang County government meeting room, County held by the committee for the organization side, "four years of education report Dianxiang care." More than 200 teachers gathered to listen carefully to legal experts, building sand Zhao Lei and the flag of the seminar tutor experts, the report and the atmosphere lively applause from the time he volts. The committee for party leadership Xiongcheng Yi County, four miles Dianxiang Conson and government leaders Li Fuxing, Wuzong Yi attended the meeting, the report will be in stores by four lucky star Lee Hsiang-tang, deputy secretary presided over the four years Dianxiang centers, schools, one junior high school , a small, Central Kindergarten Center Elementary School all the teachers and the township, about 200 people participated in the study, Fang County participated in television and press coverage this site. Through the study, participants grasp some legal knowledge and the family, school teaching methods, have indicated that in future work, so that theory with practice, the gradual infiltration. Meanwhile, the legal knowledge and teaching methods to teach students to pass to parents so that school education, family education and social education in the three closely together for four years to make due contributions Dianxiang education.
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