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Scientists want to read the text to teach the robot to achieve self-action
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Scientists are trying to teach the robot to master reading skills to enable them to understand traffic signs and store names, so you can own "life." Experts believe that the development of robots with artificial intelligence, reading ability is relatively simple, because the computer is able to scan books into text. Currently, a group of robotics experts are working to create a test robot, named "Maggie" (Marge). "Maggie" on the installation of an advanced OCR (optical character recognition) reader software. The new robot is expected to be used for rescue operations, according to various identification know that they should go into which building. "Maggie" is installed in the early prototype of a dictionary and spell checker, used to identify the writing clear text. Oxford University robotics expert 伊格玛珀斯 Na Boshi that developed the robot will have the reading ability is a huge improvement. In an interview, "New Scientist" magazine interview, said: "Sometimes, you can label on a closed room could accurately determine what is in this room to find. Reading can help you detect something not directly see." However, , robot faces great difficulty reading, it is difficult to determine what is seen, in addition, they still can not read the writing on the surface of the text. Po Sina said: "OCR software is not perfect, because the robot does not see the text at times. It will make the effort, you will see everything into words, such as brick walls and chimneys." Scan news sites , the "Maggie" successfully read the words on the page and understand its meaning. Barclays now know it is a bank, Strada is a restaurant. At present, the Po Sina University of Queensland, Australia is working with Peter Kirk reading skills developed in cooperation with the robot. McGill University in Montreal, Canada Gregory Dudek will teach the robot to read described as "a refreshing originality." He said: "I personally believe that the OCR software used in mobile robot has very important significance. As long as the slightly thinking, you realize that robots will play a significant role, no doubt about that."
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