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Yang Weibing: Overseas votes behind the sick tutor
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Gongchen Qiao Primary School is located in Hangzhou's brigade recently elected member of the school opened online voting, do not want to trigger a "canvassing" "Brush vote" war - just two and a half hours, 25 candidates are given a small far higher than the total number of schools the number of votes, three-quarters of children more than 10 times the number of votes, "Champion" votes nearly 70 times magnification. Some parents kept in addition to their brush with laptops votes, but also launched the friends and relatives abroad to vote. ("Huaxi Dushi Bao" November 13, 2010) Days ago, many media reported a "primary laments the Class cadres" excessive profits "" news, people is not too happy. Today, the media also reported the same primary school class cadre running things, after reading a news, we finally know why the students are saying that the Class cadres "excessive profits" of the reasons behind the numerous hands ---- about the class cadre of the election. The campus was clean, pure class cadre elections have been the parents of those who think smart "rape" beyond recognition, and that some parents seem very good reason --- to keep the children's pride was hurt. Now only one child, the parents put all the love and hope in children, for them to create a good learning environment to meet their various requirements, which are understandable, as long as conditions permit the family to let the children eat a little, dress warmly point, see a little more, is reasonable. But one should not be ignored, that is, some parents of home education into a misunderstanding, has shown signs of pathological development trends, for example, million to the children pocket money, canvassing for the children of cadres such as the Class is a kind of pathological behavior tutor mode, there is no real understanding of the impetuous meaning tutor performance. Parents are their children's first teachers, parents say and influence the child's way of thinking, over-indulgent, over-arranged, over-accommodating, and the adult way to interfere with normal learning children will not bear living a good tutor results In a sense, the error will also allow children to form social cognition. Sadly, these, many parents thought their children "love"! Tutoring is a complex and systematic project, including the children learn all aspects of life, family and friends at home and abroad to mobilize class cadre canvassing campaign for the children, to keep the kids fall by the Shang Zizun, appears to be love, but in reality is harm, not only affects the school's education and teaching, and can not cultivate children's ability to withstand setbacks. The right should be to encourage children to actively fight the right attitude, failure does not matter, because the class is for students to service cadres, cadres, not when the work can also be services for students. I hope more and more parents can understand the true meaning of family education, from tutoring to get out of misunderstanding!
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