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2.0 to tutoring and individualized education fire
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2.0 times the tutor, tutor is no longer a simple "You listen to me", but contains a 1 on 1, individualized, personalized educational philosophy, it is bound to have far-reaching China's future influence. Ms. Wang has recently irritated, her daughter's class midterm exam is a dozen, though she spent a great deal of energy to accompany children to learn, and gave her your tutor, to remedial classes, the daughter is also very hard, come to class, tutoring Time never lazy, but academic performance is not up. Seeing her will in the next exam, so it is difficult to enter the key achievements in high school. Are children really Zhong Dengsheng the material, watching her daughter confused eyes, Ms. Wang was very sad and very helpless. To find the crux of the problem, Ms. Wang took the children running all over the city's various extracurricular counseling agencies, and finally chose to let his daughter into a big named school education individualized education institutions for learning counseling. The services provided by educational institutions, with the average family education is very different. "Not to the class the teacher to arrange, but do give children personalized evaluation of diagnosis", diagnosis of the report, the child's learning ability is not the main issue is prominent, learning to master enough, there should be targeted to resolve. Ms. Wang the wake, and the next development of teaching mentoring programs, private teachers assigned team, build personalized learning ... ..., are called by PPTS (Personalized Private Tutoring System) of the students personalized management system for the. The agency also declared: They will carry out teaching and research team to track management, regular evaluation, visit educational services such as personalized feedback. "My most important to the individual," Ms. Wang said, "It really did individualized. Because all in all, in full accordance with their own tailor-made children's learning, while children are eating before the big pot, could not find to the problem lie, teachers, children do not know where to make fresh. " Traditional family is dying In fact, most parents have dogged Ms. Wang and her daughter in such a tutoring situation. According to a China Youth Research Center survey revealed that 30% of the students in learning the parents hoping to get help; 50% of the students are feeling pressure to learn too much. In large cities, nearly 100% of the students, arranged by the parents, are active or passive acceptance of a variety of forms of tutoring and extracurricular education and counseling. However, the large number of investigations have also shown that most parents of the tutoring can help children learn to play skeptical. "Just looking for a tutor to the children and even college students counseling, you do not know the ins and outs and the level of the teacher to expect their children from a changed man, more of a psychological comfort." One parent said. And now, 1 on 1 individualized education is changing this situation. Great education, like learning to focus on "tutor 2.0" on the individual educational institutions to emerge. These educational institutions smug: already have tens of thousands of families and students in the individualized education with the help of the dream of education, 1 on 1 individualized education as personal representative of the reality is the inevitable trend tutor 2.0. However, some education experts sent a different voice: "scattered type of tutoring is the traditional meets the popular part of common families, the basic educational needs. Individualized tutoring education industry will be more standardized, more perfect, in the future, personalized education will be more strong, more and more will be recognized by parents and students, and gradually become the main form of tutoring, but it will not completely replace traditional family. " Individualized Education divergent Individualized education, may be too eye-catching performance in recent years, also ushered in a more critical eye from all sides. Because individualized education is "individualized" model characterized by tutor 2.0, questioning focused on whether the truly individualized, personalized education. Educational institutions and even the industry that: Individualized Education essentially is the "individualized" was an overstatement. But many education experts do not agree with this view: Individualized Education has been the growth history of more than eight years, from the theoretical system to educational practice, are in large part to do the "individualized." It should be said, is now quite mature. So, individualized is how to do it? Great school education, as a domestic 1 to 1 personal advocate and leader in education, its approach is very representative. To truly individualized, learning in practice, developed a large domestic individual first in the primary management system E-PPTS. Individualized Education Studies major also quantified as "for each student to design a learning program", "exclusive configuration for each student's private teacher team" to implement the two standards. The former refers to each student prior to receiving counseling, will be conducted through E-PPTS comprehensive evaluation, analysis and diagnosis, to find each student's unique learning strengths and learning styles, different for each student to develop teaching programs and counseling programs . The latter is personalized according to characteristics of the students, "tailored" individual teachers "preaching, Tuition, FAQ," and in the process of individualized teaching, with the tracking, evaluation, feedback and adjustment. "'Individualized analysis of the diagnostic report' → → identify learning strengths and types of mentoring programs develop teaching assignment tutor → → → build personalized learning strategy for teaching and research team to track management, regular evaluation, visit the feedback." Jinxin this Xueda CEO E-PPTS summarized the core processes. "Is personalized through this rigorous education system, 'individualized, individualized instruction' individualized education goals could be realized." Feedback from parents is also very good explanation. One parent said: "individualized education send their children to institutions or those with more confidence. Because there have been a dedicated tutor teacher training, but also know how to teach children." Another parent believes that: "In school, there are tutorial classes, teaching is" one to many "no energy to take care of the teacher to each student. And personalized education is 1 to 1 teaching children what point short legs, which points debts, so what's personalized learning, teachers are very understanding, and also can provide customized solution to, children with learning methods, motivated, and results will go up. " "Whose child individual counseling for several months was admitted to a prestigious university," "Some children entrance (Forum) performance improvement fifty-six is, there's rose 100 points." A lot about the legendary story of individualized education, between parents spontaneous circulation. But some parents also complained: Individualized Education charges a little expensive. But the more parents that: higher spending means higher returns. Instead of spending money wasted delay the child's life, and to spend money to help children understand that learning and growth. And the children receive individualized education and ability to achieve performance improvement, this kind of pay is still very cost-effective, it is worth it. Various surveys also show that: the child's parents, there has been a traditional emphasis on education. But to blindly believe in individualized education also raises the momentum of awareness of academic education. A lifetime learning to teach the old educator said: "Some parents want their children to a significant short-term desire to put the good points, sometimes contrary to law and education. Individualized education is the ability to enhance student achievement and an important tool . can really do this, ultimately depends on the individual insights and efforts of students. " Tutor 2.0 is just the beginning Individualized Education rapid development, contrary to most people's expectations, at present, the leading educational institutions in the individual chains have embarked on a national road. Just set up eight big-school education, it is established in over 30 cities in more than 100 Direct Learning Center, and has up to 6,000-strong teaching team. "The next may be the industry reshuffle," to industry estimates, "those small, just to get individualized education institutions under the banner when the entrance will be eliminated gradually, eventually there will be a country or a number of individualized education leader brand, in the process, individualized education will continue to be improved, personalized, individualized and other concepts will be the behavior of the entire education sector program. " "By that time, may become a tutor tutor 2.0, 3.0,4.0, individualized education will be given a more far-reaching a more profound spiritual content." The industry said at last.
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