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Reform lead operation is studied in Yangzhou
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Medium, raise adds the raise since 2002 greatly index of 50% recruit students allocates medium and high grade high school each school, began to increase 2003 integrated quality is evaluated

Dispatch of Yangzhou news network (He Ruilin) yesterday, ministry of Education announces in take an examination of reform to will be pushed inside countrywide limits, raise integrated quality opinion, advocate reflect exam result with grade; High grade high school is major recruit students index is balanced allocate school of junior high school. To this, city teachs a branch to express, contrast regulation of these two rigid, of the our city in take an examination of reform to be in lead position in total national capital, because the our city begins from 2002, the high grade high school such as old attached middle school of Yangzhou middle school, raise the index of all recruit students of 50% is balanced the school of each junior high school that allocates the urban district, at the same time from 2003 autumn semester begins, the our city begins to increase integrated quality to evaluate this to the student.

High school basis integrated quality result

Enroll only outstanding people

As we have learned, from 2003 the our city carries out new tax to change begin, increased integrated quality to evaluate this one to the student's evaluation, begin from 2006, the in mixing with student graduation as a result action of integrated quality assess admits link up with: Allow of the person that integrated quality evaluates assess to amount to C class above graduates, the recruit students of student of high school phase is admitted in the student coequal condition falls, enroll only outstanding people according to result of integrated quality assess.

Integrated quality assess is a basis with daily show of the student, collect student foundation sex to develop information in the round, the evaluation is perforative at teaching education whole process. School of each junior high school is built generally " integrated quality evaluates student of junior high school the report is only " and " growing record bag " system, assess consults the information that learns to generate long record and him student, classmate and relevant personnel to offer, the content of integrated quality assess, method, program and assess result reach its parent to the student fair show and explain.

High grade high school the recruit students of 50% index

Balanced allocation to junior high school each school

Enter key high school to be read, it is raise city the ideal of numerous student. And for the student of school of average to the our city junior high school, they are much the chance that enters key high school to be read, because begin from 2002, the our city is the balanced development that promotes education of junior high school effectively, take the lead in executing heat in complete province the method that index of recruit students of average high school allocates as proper as junior high school link up with, 50% what like raise the quota of directional recruit students with old annual attached middle school of medium, raise does not plan to count under school recruit students. Attend directional admitted student, still need to attend exam of school work level.
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