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Student junior high school graduates not only it is the course study goal that achieves national set, also should achieve fundamental sex to develop a target. Measure a junior high school to be born to whether reach graduation level, light sees school work achievement be no good, still must have comprehensive identification to school work achievement of the student and integrated quality.

"Integrated quality evaluation carries out graduate of Tianjin city junior high school plan " with measuring a student in the round integrated quality is mixed reflect a student individual difference is jumping-off place, the change goes " take an examination of calm lifelong " method, from moral accomplishment, CultureAccomplishment, Healthy accomplishment, artistic accomplishment, society gets used to 5 dimension such as ability to spend pair of students to undertake evaluating, every dimension is spent include respectively a certain number of element, every element cent is a certain number of crucial expression, form integrated quality to evaluate quota system thereby. This plan innovates on evaluation content not only, there also is bigger improvement on assessment technique, do one's best accomplishs diversification of synthesization of content of diversity of evaluation main body, evaluation, assessment technique, evaluation spatio-temporal whole journey is changed, make the evaluation makes main component of education.

Correct an error points to executive quality except fraud guideEducation

System of Tianjin city's active exam of evaluation of middle and primary school and the demand that boost quality education in the round are incommensurate, this had become the unanimous view that teachs group public figure almost. Its malpractice clearly: Emphasize discriminating, choose function, negligence is improved, incentive function; Go after proportion of students entering a schools of a higher grade one-sidedly, negligence student develops in the round; Pay attention to study result overly, ignore individual character difference, controlled the development of individual character potential; Pay close attention to a result too, negligence process, assessment technique is onefold, basic be " take an examination of calm lifelong " , mark of course of a few exams is simple addition admits a standard as unique enter a higher school, the negative effect that divides number theory only is serious, violated the requirement that quality teachs.
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