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Quota of people of recruit students of Zhejiang key high school will allocate in
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2002, zhejiang province begins to carry out obligation to teach curricular reform; 2006, began reform of curriculum of average high school; A few days ago, province education office allotted again " the opinion that teachs about boosting executive quality " , reduce middle and primary school again burden of unripe overweight lesson, farther advance the content such as quality education to make a file. Yesterday, xia Jianyong of spokesman of news of province education office " opinion " made unscramble in detail.

   Class of early before last must not antedate at 8 o'clock

New in the document that publish, ask each middle and primary school wants to plan neat regulation course strictly by course, drive enough regulation class hour, any any schools, personnel must not be mixed with any reason means, do sth without authorization adjusts course to plan. In the meantime, between strict fluctuation class hour, the school and teacher must not antedate 8: 00 organizations student attends class, finish class to must not procrastinate hall.

And, classics place teachs service approval, except class of graduation of junior high school and high school senior can be organized to undertake centralized literacy class take lessons after school or work in the morning Saturday outside, the school must not organize other year middle and primary school to be born use holiday to undertake centralized literacy class take lessons after school or work.

   Exam, achievement also wants " decrease negative "

Talk to be being counted in order to divide " hero " phenomenon, " opinion " requirement, the teacher and student that uses for the student can be in only with the book " education of Zhejiang province middle and primary school is recorded with booklist " ask for inside limits order.

The school dominates examination time and headings in an account book even strictly, reduce difficulty of literacy class exam, must not announce student exam result, do not get the place that arranges student, school with exam achievement, do not allow occurrence school to take an exam the student absolutely the phenomenon of achievement and student seat, link up with learning name.

   Mobile time cannot be exploited

Be aimed at the circumstance that partial student constitution drops, the province taught hall to still emphasize sports this particularly, public proclamation must not be cut down, crowded take sports class hour and sports activity time, ensure the student takes exercise 1 hour at least everyday. Carry out the student constitution state that is unit with the school actively still to announce a system regularly, regard decisive index as condition of student constitution health, bring into educational strong county (town) reach the school to evaluate quota system.

   New recruit students measure wants to carry out

To alleviate the choose school spirit of junior high school, stimulative junior high school learns the balanced development of school, the province teachs hall besides continue to hold to obligation to teach level school to avoid outside trying nearby enter a school, return try out recruit students quota of people presses key high school to arrive prorata certainly the practice of junior high school.
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