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Ministry of Education: Take an examination of in undertake major reform reduces
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Occupy Beijing of Xinhua News Agency on September 12 report

[Compulsory education]

Take an examination of in reform reduce student burden greatly

The student of domestic economy difficulty that help out of minister of Ministry of Education does newly 12 days to hold in the country aids financially policy disclose on the press conference, ministry of Education is being taken an examination of in considering to be opposite undertake comparative changing gravely, teach the school work responsibility of level student with reducing obligation greatly, improve the quality that their quality teachs.

But help out expresses at the same time, the innovation spirit of our country student and innovation capacity are insufficient, it is one of our country education deadly defect. To this problem, do not rely on exam system reform to be able to be solved only. The propulsion that quality teachs, just be the basic measure that solves this one problem.

He expresses, the quality education reform that Ministry of Education is pushing is specific contain content of all directions extent: It is Yo the person is this, moral education is the basic task that serves as the school first; 2 it is to push educational education reform in the round; 3 it is to push school sports work further, fulfil healthy first requirement; 4 it is to arouse the school, family and social joint efforts, advance quality education of the student.

Help out says, ministry of Education will raise basic requirement to the quality education of the school, strengthen superintend and director to guide the job, basically measure what quality education achievement serves as the school index.

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