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Guangdong: Winter vacation is much nobody is in charge of 10 days of children mo
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(Reporter Chen Yu phoenix) this week, the elementary school of Fosan, junior high school began nervous final. It is reported, according to Guangdong the province teachs the school calendar arrangement that hall promulgates, 2007 school year spend the time that Fosan city middle and primary school is on winter vocation to be: Elementary school, junior high school is on winter vocation time is came on January 21 on Feburary 27 (in all 38 days of) ; High school is on winter vocation time is will come on Feburary 4 on Feburary 27 (in all 24 days of) .

   Student: Somebody jubilates somebody anxious

Because the Spring Festival is later this year, so elementary school, junior high school is born to be compared this year last year winter vacation full many 10 day holiday, high school is unripe more than in former years also 3 days of holiday. To the holiday that adds newly, most student expresses, this is " extremely big pasty " . "I can answer native place to play many days 10 more. " Sha Sha says the Hunan book little boy that reads 4 year in Fosan.

But, a net is called " the instant 2000 " the child writes down a card on the net: "I am a pupil, winter vacation arrived, the school did mathematical class, English class again, a lot of classmates attend, mom also wants me to attend, but I do not want to attend really. But I do not want to attend really..

   The parent: ⒆ uses locust this Long Mendelevium slander

The reporter investigates discovery, because parents need to work in Feburary the middle ten days of a month, how to plan children's long winter vacation life, let parents expend brains quite. A few parents put forward even, hope school does class of take lessons after school, interest class, let teacher, school help " guard " the child.

"Let the child a person is in the home I am not at ease really, fear he is bedraggled study. " the account that Ms. Li spoke hope child to attend classes of all sorts of take lessons after school. Still the parent is not at ease give the child old person guard, the hope does interest class during school winter vacation.

   The school: The person that interest class signs up is numerous

In the light of winter vacation has a holiday this year prior circumstance, partial school was adopted answer measure actively, or offer interest class, or organize a few beneficial activities. The reporter understands, although answer according to school calendar,be to was on winter vocation on January 21, it is because of 19 days on Friday, weekend is among, so each school basically is in a Zhou Wu hold afternoon medicinal powder learn celebration, the student can enter winter vacation ahead of schedule.

Reporter from buddhist city a few elementary school understand, open in the light of what individual parent puts forward " abstruse number class " the requirement that reachs interest class, the school stays behind in teachers of the arrangement between cold holiday the school coachs student. It is reported, these interest classes follow a student freewill principle, course basically is interest kind, have nothing to do with main subject, for example yuan armour elementary school opens this year " young reporter grooms class " ,
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