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The Fujian Province took an examination of time to will shift to an earlier date
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Recently, city education bureau issues an announcement, begin from 2008, will annual in take an examination of time to adjust for June 19, 20, 21, . Among them 19 days take an exam for 8 grade student, 20, 21, take an exam 3 days 22 days for 9 grade student.

In recent years, change the development that the experiment works as the class, together with suffers the effect that sizzler enrages summer, a lot of ground city

In succession will medium take an examination of time to shift to an earlier date, of the our city

National People's Congress, the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference is represented and social all circles also suggests in succession about the personage will

Of the our city in take an examination of time to shift to an earlier date appropriately. For this, city education bureau is proved in sufficient investigation and study, on the foundation that be asked for extensively and listens to each opinion, basis " Fujian Province obligation teachs course to implement a plan (try out) " (Fujian teachs base 2004 〕 of 〔 13) and " the announcement that concerns item about school calendar of normative middle and primary school and timeline of work and rest " (Fujian teachs base 2006 〕 of 〔 79) the concerned spirit of the file, the decision will take an examination of time to undertake be adjustmented appropriately in the our city.

After time is being taken an examination of to adjust in, each school will be made afresh and plan education plan and schedule, assure to teach teaching job success.

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