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Chongqing general wise move closed 2007 seventeen 10 thousand people and kept ba
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Recruit students of our city average high school predicts report from our correspondent to be controlled in 170 thousand person this year. Yesterday, city teachs appoint when inviting have an informal discussion of delegate committee member, disclose, the dimensions of each recruit students plans this year with kept balance last year, promote education quality the key.

City teachs appoint the data that leak is: Predict general tall recruit students plans 170 thousand person this year; Medium profession teachs 165 thousand person. Recruit students of our city college 140 thousand person. City teachs appoint express, future carries such higher education scale.

The body of another report adolescent takes exercise will bring into the main job this year. City teachs appoint divulge, the our city will be begun " sunshine athletic sports " , regard the breach that executive quality teachs as sports education, allow a student " healthy the first " , reduce student lesson burden, let them take exercise one hour everyday, health lives all one's life.
Chongqing evening paper

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