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Harbin takes an examination of English examination time to lengthen 10 minutes i
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Dispatch of Harbin news network (reporter Chu Xia) the reporter learns from door of town Ministry of Education, after carrying out new tax to change this year first in take an examination of exam content and time to will have constant change: The contemporary article of Chinese course reads a part to will turn into entirely check outside reading, english examination time will lengthen 10 minutes. Concerned personage expresses, after this action means new tax to change, mechanical memorizing will no longer " be very popular " , to intellectual achieve mastery through a comprehensive study of the subject, to the education of course accomplishment and ability, to the promotion of thinking ability and level, will become henceforth the main way of education of junior high school.

As we have learned, take an examination of in this year, the contemporary article of Chinese course reads an exam in, cancelled read inside the class, turn into complete check outside reading, cent cost is fixed. Time of English course examination is lengthened, increase by 90 minutes, cent cost is fixed, still be 120 minutes, examination questions difficulty and examination paper length are changeless.

Concerned personage expresses, cancel in Chinese course exam contemporary article is read inside the class, the purpose is to reduce student burden, avoid a student to be opposite given answer of text of back of basic table of contents, apostate ginseng, back, overcome the trend of mechanical memorizing. In the meantime, take an examination of in " baton " change also emphasizes be in Chinese education is medium henceforth, encourage pedagogic guiding student, raising a student to read ability and horizontal fluctuation time, the Chinese accomplishment that pays attention to check student in the exam, language is accumulated and use capacity.
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