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Detailed solves Fujian 07 in take an examination of outline: How to take an exam
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Exam outline was taken an examination of to have the result in new castigatory

Decrease " mechanical memorizing " take innovation ability seriously

Morning paper dispatch (reporter Kang Yun) take an examination of in this year how to take an examination of? Does difficulty have how old? These problems had the result eventually. Yesterday, province education office is announced formally new after editing " exam outline was taken an examination of in the Fujian Province 2007 " , outline changes moral character of Chinese of experimental division junior high school, maths, English, physics, chemical, biology, geographical, history, thought to add up to to saving a foundation to teach a course 2006 limits of the propositional principle of 9 course, exam and examination paper difficulty make specific provision.

It is reported, proposition is taken an examination of to will take examinee innovation ability seriously in 2007, decrease " mechanical memorizing " notional problem, put an end to a catch question to blame a problem as far as possible.


Gradual audition checks content

The exam of Chinese will increase audition test and colloquial intercourse to wait for content gradually. Chinese exam cent is accumulate, read and the language conveys 3 parts, among them language expression includes colloquial intercourse and composition content, value of this share cent will be occupied 45% , 50% . The test of writing weighs the capacity that uses language written language in check student standard, adroitness. Composition proposition still reduces the attention the student to cover the possibility of the problem.

The examination questions of a few open sexes still can be designed in Chinese exam, this kind of examination questions does not provide unified standard answer, encourage a student to express independent view.

   [geographical] check understands to ABC

With geography of high school unified exam intellectual check differs, I save agrestic manage knowledge to be in in the proportion that in taking an examination of, holds is less, more it is to take an examination of delve to be born to understand and master to geographical ABC. The requirement is difficult easy degree moderate, foundation of base oneself upon, pay attention to ability. Exam limits is geography of the earth and map, world, China geography, local geography.

   [chemical] difficult easy problem is made clear on examination paper

Desalt is right the literal differentiate and analyse of concept, definition, strengthen the check of pair of chemical experiments. Choose to go up in exam content, be familiar with for the student more, the chemical problem that produces beside, reach pair of students to will last henceforth the knowledge with sexual study useful development.

In proposition, it is numerous, difficult to overcome, slant, old, do not give the specious, title that lose contact with reality, and the connection of chemistry of aggrandizement junior high school and society, production, life, science and technology, check student changes course to learn the accomplishment and analytic problem, ability that solves a problem. Increase open sex examination questions appropriately, accomplish diversification of standard of examination questions form, answer, pay attention to the innovation consciousness of check student and dug spirit. Difficult easy problem is made clear on examination paper.
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