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The action in 7 years allocates Wuhan unripe index Xiang Fei changes make school
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News of network of chaste tree Hunan (Chu Tianjin signs up for) report of reporter gold Yo: Yesterday discloses controller of door of Wuhan town Ministry of Education, this year, reform of the action in Wuhan will have new trend, important is renown school allocates unripe index Xiang Fei to change make school tilt, with keep within limits " litres small first " choose school is hot.

Last year, wuhan city transforms a division in the class first try out allocation gives birth to a system (namely " recommend unripe " ) , 12% what provincial demonstrative high school plans recruit students, allocate each junior high school, recruit allocate unripe. Share 841 name allocation to lay the comprehensive test that passed 19 provincial demonstrative high school, what did not attend whole town to unite is medium one's deceased father, be admitted by provincial demonstrative high school ahead of schedule.

Wuhan city teachs a branch to say, this one policy is graduate to the junior high school of fragile school for, it is a good news undoubtedly. According to introducing, the action in this year, renown school allocates unripe index to change farther Xiang Fei make school tilt. With Jiang Han the area is exemple, this area will continue to execute this year distribute unripe system, recruit students of provincial demonstrative high school is pressed arrive prorata certainly each junior high school, and Xiang Wuhan is city people middle school, friendship grade middle school, new China town of 28 medium, Wuhan 36 in these 5 fair do junior high school to tilt, read in order to attract graduate of more elementary school fair run junior high school.
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