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Shaanxi 07 in action must not announce graduate school work to take an exam prim
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Report from our correspondent (reporter Zhang Yan is firm) I am saved took an examination of in division of test of 90 curriculum reform 2007 will execute separate proposition, exam, use what evaluate according to exam of student school work and integrated quality " grade " undertake admitting. The reporter taught hall know from the province on January 3, after the exam is being taken an examination of to end in this year, any units and individual must not take an exam to achievement queues up to area, school and student or announce the position according to school work with any forms; Must not announce to society, unit and individual, the primitive cent value that offers a class to change one's studies of graduate of experimental division junior high school to take an exam. Set at the same time: It is the just sex that recruit students takes an examination of to admit in assuring, take an examination of in 2007 will be built and execute strict sincere letter system, fair show a system, supervise, appeal, responsibility is found out wait for a system.

It is reported, curricular reform experiment will be cogent the way that changes the only standard that the mark simple addition regards high school recruit students as to admit. Curricular reform is taken an examination of in test division admit student of in principle according to to enter oneself for an examination volunteer evaluate with exam of examinee school work and integrated quality " grade " 3 " parameter " , in accord with afore-mentioned premise that admit qualification and essential condition to fall, the grade that presses achievement of exam of one's studies of graduate of junior high school by arrive high low ordinal admit. Teach the arrangement of hall according to the province, begin from 2008, I save what in attending, take an examination of will be the graduate of junior high school that enters a class to change entirely.

I omit a provision, high school recruit students is taken an examination of to admit method to reach concerned information to must shift to an earlier date in this year to social announce,

Ask at the same time, in junior high school evaluation of exam of graduate one's studies, integrated quality, comprehensive assessment reports sheet fills in in reaching process of volunteer fill in a form and submit it to the leadership, the student should abide by sincere letter principle self-consciously, objective, bona fide reflects individual condition, not practise fraud, violate discipline fraudulent practice. The school should implement formulary rate strictly. Inspect its clue weight to disobeying the individual of concerned discipline and regulation or unit, give a warning by concerned regulation, cancel qualification, record a demerit, write down a serious offence, demote, dismiss, reject to admit wait for punish. Offend particularly badly to the clue criminal law person, move send a judiciary to investigate criminal duty.
Metropolis Daily of 3 the Qin Dynasty

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