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Sichuan is artistic 2007 sports kind policy of recruit students of technical sec
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(Brilliant of reporter Guo brilliant) the reporter does know from province action yesterday, " Sichuan saves job of recruit students of 7 years of common and medium professional art, palestra to implement a provision " come on stage, recruit students of common this year medium and professional art, palestra plans (contain 5 years to make tall job) do centralized control to accuse by province action, the plan is not divided reach each city again (city) .

Cent of recruit students of average this year medium and professional artistic school recruits student of graduate of junior high school, junior high school and pupil (contain student of elementary school graduate, elementary school) two kinds, announce to the society. Recruit student of junior high school and pupil, can recruit young result only kind (cheeper strength) professional student. Palestra can recruit graduate of junior high school only. Average high school, medium student of the student of duty school, average junior high school all cannot enter oneself for an examination. Sign up be about to begin, the exam divides professional exam and literacy exam twice to undertake, examination time will arrive on Feburary 15 between May 15. I omit special provision this year, the outside school that common and medium professional art, palestra approves via be in charge of a branch runs a school major of the bit of name, address that run a school, recruit students, plan general does examine and verify by province action backward the society is announced, every did not fulfill a newspaper to approve formalities does not get recruit students with what did not announce to the society.
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