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Someone of the first pace did not take the university entrance exam teacher of o
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According to " contemporary wall bulletin " report, school ignored, bring about level of first time school work to check achievement not ideal! Yesterday afternoon, learn high school to teach professional committee to sponsor by Jiangsu province education " first Jiangsu saves level of school work of average high school to check a symposium " hold in building of expert of the hill austral Nanjing Normal University. Come from complete province each district 450 delegates of high middle school, staff room attended the meeting. Ground of call a spade a spade of a few delegates attending the meeting expresses, because the school seeks result of the university entrance exam,

Not little school is taken an examination of not ideally

On April 8, 2007, 9 days, jiangsu is saved first school work level checks mandatory ministry to be taken an examination of apart. Because this is Jiangsu 2008 the first part of the university entrance exam, mix to total cent of the student again enter oneself for an examination the qualification is influential, manage should be taken seriously. If 6 A can get in test of school work level, total cent can add 10 minutes, particularly advantageous to school of name of outstanding student competition. But those who make a person regretful is, many schools that attend the meeting this think he are taken an examination of not ideally.

The historical teacher of some school expresses North Jiangsu, the two experiments class of school of Gao Yinian grade arranged lesson of a history only every week, time is very nervous, arrange even the most radical education plan leisurely hard, more do not talk to go up quality. Fall in the strong demand of the appeal of course group and student later, class hour increases every week two, pressure just alleviates somewhat. Arrived level is reviewed before second year in high school is taken an examination of, the rawish knowledge with the study many existence that just discovers the student is in the first round is nodded, although the teacher adopted a lot of remedying measure, but time is apparently insufficient. The result of ultimate test class is so not as satisfactory as what envisage, 4A rate is less than 70% . Next, also put in inadequacy on the timeline that reviews level, before the school is taken an examination of, did not increase again review class hour, also not was aimed at mandatory exam technically, what arrangement times is special coach, for reference the job is more hurried on time. Accordingly, for reference in new round in, the school has prepared to strive to increase one period every week, increase the period of training at the same time, have sufficient time take an examination in order to assure.

Want to study good result, get next true time

The chemical and mandatory exam that learns in Dan Yang is taken an examination of well, school square introduction, because have,all plan reasonably. Adjust chemical class 3 from two for instance, imitate take an examination ofing is organized for many times in final phase, in face the student gives to review time independently before taking an examination of. And undertake training technically to the student that a few have special difficulty, result percent of pass and first-class rate are very good.
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