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Next year of Henan high school executes a class to change execute credit to make
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High school student can like elective according to his, school work state uses credit to give evaluation and report... afterwards whole nation is saved 15 times (city, municipality) later, I what get attention fully save class of average high school to change time to be knocked eventually calm. Yesterday, the reporter does know from province action, I saved common tall lieutenant general to begin to execute a class to change 2008.

If with protestant material use change started symbol for the class, I save class of elementary school, junior high school to change begin from Summer 2001. Current, I save major middle and primary school to had executed a class to change. I save high school class to change to had begun to execute on 2008.

After high school class changes, method of content of setting of the curricular target that I visit average high school, course, education, exam will produce bigger change. Specific plan is at present in formulate.

The whole nation already had 15 provinces such as Guangdong, Shandong (city, municipality) execute high school class to change. The class changed high school to use protestant material, achievement is calculated with credit, the student can cross a class to choose a course, carry out the multinomial influence such as assess of growing record, integrated quality at the same time the evaluation of the university entrance exam will be reformed henceforth.

The class changes to also change those who drive the university entrance exam. Current, I save plan of new the university entrance exam to making an on-the-spot investigation, in research, material change should change the ability after executing to announce to the class. Ministry of Education thinks about chief, the class changes the new the university entrance exam below overall design train of thought is " examination of level of school work of the university entrance exam is comprehensive quality is evaluated " , this will be the general orientation of prospective the university entrance exam. I save the university entrance exam also won't deviate this direction.

   [new change]Teaching material content changed money of physiology of education of thought politics course

High school class changes after executing, high school teaching material will be changed in the round. " teaching material of test of standard of course of average high school (2007 edition) " it is people what educational press publishs is special the protestant capable person that turns a work out to get used to a class to change, had used in a lot of province at present, henan uses this possibly also to cover teaching material. With before the photograph of common teaching material of person teaching edition is compared, new edition teaching material has very big change. "Cruel, bright, hype, handsome young man, hot younger sister, know a distant relative with the same family name, make beautiful, show a visitor... " these popular terms appear in new edition Chinese in copy textbook. "If congratulate gentleman home has 100 thousand yuan of unused fund, ask you to combine the investment method such as all sorts of stocks, deposit, bond, insurance, help him devise a plan of the most favorite conduct financial transactions. " thought politics teaching material is a tax with bigger change, all content reflected the big background of market economy.
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