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Time of the university entrance exam of Hubei next year decides all course still
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Report will occupy Hubei news network on October 23 report of Hunan day Metropolis Daily, hubei province teachs introduction of exam courtyard yesterday, time of the university entrance exam still was 2008 will come 8 days on June 7, hubei still is executed " 3 article / science department is integrated " exam course plan. Except small language exam, all course still execute the university entrance exam judge on the net roll.

A headings in an account book is read on the net examination questions pressworks only on examination paper, do not leave answering question area, unified reply on answering question card. Examinee notices answering question standard please.

The audition achievement of English examination paper occupies this division to coil the 20%(of total cent is primitive every) , english audition checks to be an unit in order to check bit of school, unite the means that broadcasts exam magnetic tape to undertake through public-address system.

The university entrance exam plans to enter oneself for an examination the examinee of English major, the spoken English rank that must join a province to teach exam courtyard to organize (3 class) exam, serve as relevant school admit referenced basis. Other small language (Russian, Japanese, German, French) audition checks, enable what center of exam of national Ministry of Education offers to contain the examination paper that audition checks.

Province exam courtyard discloses, manage of coexist of Hubei of the university entrance exam violated discipline last year cogged examinee 190 person-time, gave the processing that cancels achievement of only branch exam or each section grade respectively. Among them: By other era takes an examination of 2 people, carry and use the communication tool such as mobile phone, wireless earphone 128 people, carry secretly 15 people, borrowed 30 people, carry the article beyond the regulation to enter examination room 1 person, shift to an earlier date answering question 1 person, delay time answering question 2 people, do sth without authorization leaves examination room 3 people, examination paper of intended tear to shreds 2 people, examination paper is similar 2 people, other 4 people.
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