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Detailed rules of the university entrance exam of Hubei next year signing up pub
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Report will occupy Hubei news network on October 22 report of Hunan day Metropolis Daily, reporter yesterday teachs exam courtyard know from the province, hubei is saved detailed rules of the university entrance exam signing up already came on stage 2008.

Wuhan city, yellow ridge city first try out wide area newwork (internet) sign up, about 140 thousand examinee already signed up at ending yesterday. Other city still execute a local area network to sign up, examinee needs the local area network that manages in place high school or area county court to report a name. But time signing up wants evening a few, among them, artistic kind examinee will sign up to 23 days on November 20, blame is artistic kind signed up to 25 days on January 5 next year.

Up to yesterday afternoon 5 when, journalist of two earth mat counts Wuhan and yellow ridge to already amounted to 139000 people. A few examinee fear him net newspaper does not have a success, teach exam courtyard explanation to this province, the staff member will arrange a net nearly two days to sign up for information, sign up not in time and sign up have by accident examinee, still have opportunity make a report after the event.

4 kinds of personnel are forbidden enter oneself for an examination

I saved average college entrance exam to have two kinds of kinds 2008: It is unified exam of whole nation of recruit students of common colleges and universities (abbreviation is common) of the university entrance exam; 2 it is graduate of school of the duty in saving the average college of unitary organization to recruit by me unified exam (interconnected system of abbreviation high post takes an examination of) . Among them, cost of common the university entrance exam signing up is every division 25 yuan, in all 125 yuan.

The examinee that ginseng signing up tries to get on two kinds to take an exam, must have me to save constant resident mouth, and need to have high school to graduate or have coequal knowledge.

4 kinds of personnel cannot enter oneself for an examination under: Have advanced record of formal schooling to teach a competence in school undergraduate; Tall one, student of second year in high school (enter oneself for an examination) of except of teenager class examinee; Because offend,criminal law already was concerned the branch adopts coercive measures or be in of serve a sentence; Nonego saves the personnel of constant resident mouth.

Every census register is in the examinee that by provincial ingoing I save after June 30 this year, when application signs up, be on the base that produces original of booklet of registered residence, still must refer census register to dot signing up the circumstance such as migratory reason explains.

Toward be born to must not pretend to be other one's status as a student to sign up

Examinee must be in prefectural urban district to sign up in registered permanent residence. As a result of parents the job is brought into play or other and special account causes one's status as a student and registered permanent residence to be absent same county (city, area) this year's graduates of average high school, in principle should answer seat of registered permanent residence to sign up. Answer seat of registered permanent residence to sign up truly inconvenient, offer written application by examinee, after be being asked for so that seat of one's status as a student teachs exam orgnaization to agree but on the spot signs up, can answer seat of registered permanent residence to sign up only otherwise.
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