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The expert says composition of the university entrance exam divided Jiangsu to b
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Will the Yangtse Evening Post report what Chinese of the university entrance exam met adjust 2008 on October 21? How is additional problem taken an examination of after all partly? Can the composition add cent? The reporter learns from concerned branch, at present outline of 2008 the university entrance exam and exam specification are in Jiangsu to edit finally in, will announce formally before long. And about participate in discussion expert yesterday to disclose to our newspaper reporter, 8 years composition of Jiangsu the university entrance exam divides a value to want to increase for certain, add the most likely, and add cent propositional direction of 40 minutes also ought to be to slant ability and apply, problem won't with already took an examination of a part to repeat.

The composition divides a value to be added likely to 70 minutes

According to introducing, according to 2008 plan of the university entrance exam, chinese and maths every 160 minutes, foreign language 120 minutes, article of this foreign language and maths still have additional problem 40 minutes each, total cent will be pressed 440 minutes when underlining (not plan add cent) the line of lowermost control mark that delimit admits batch every, the different and professional direction that line hind enters oneself for an examination by examinee again on adds add cent to deliver file. Choose the examinee that studies the history to will add Chinese for instance add cent, choose the examinee that studies physics to want to add maths add cent. Such design, satisfied a college not to have the demand of different choose talent with course major already, also developed potential to offer an opportunity further for the student. However the problem of new central issue that this also means 8 years of the university entrance exam to will appear to pay close attention to more very much.

Yesterday, concerned expert discloses to the reporter, as a result of 2008 Chinese of Jiangsu the university entrance exam is add add cent 160 minutes 40 minutes, so composition cent is mentioned is 70 minutes unchallenged. "The composition divides a value to increase, should catch a composition seriously more. Should notice Jiangsu of the university entrance exam reviews an information that the group releases this year particularly, those who put forward is oriented be, advocate simple style of writing, those who want talk have thing, although luxuriant, also want China and solid. Write oneself life as far as possible, write oneself joys and sorrows of life. " this expert suggests to say.

Additional problem will be more elastic

"Look from propositional direction of these 40 minutes ought to the burden that won't increase examinee again, let examinee can compare freely play however, show oneself liberal art quality adequately. The content that 160 cent take an examination ofing cross in front said to won't be taken an examination of again commonly, problem also ought to won't repeat. Amount of these 40 minutes of problems won't be too large, ought to moderate, mechanical sex difficulty is impossible also to increase, flexible rate ought to rise somewhat. " this expert returns an analysis to consider to point out, 40 adscititious minutes to entering oneself for an examination the examinee of liberal art major is very important, should notice the education of Chinese accomplishment more. " the point of view that revises from examinee, what should notice particularly is, a few focal points that place of new tax mark provides read table of contents to ought to be familiar with, understand, the issue of hair can be laid inside the answer. Examinee faces this additional should strengthen 40 minutes beforehand about read, for instance language formal name used at school is written, ought to want to be able to experience the setting of these serious work, figure figure, the development of the clue changes, of the language apply, can savour among them lasting appeal. To reading material, still ought to want to have certain integrated capacity, no matter be opposite of narrate, the eristic literal data that still uses should have certain integrated capacity. In addition, can read classical Chinese article smoothly even, understand its meaning. " never had taken an examination of before as a result of these 40 minutes of content, everybody is fumbling in, no matter be propositional expert, read teacher of an expert or Gao Sanyu language, it is in exploratory study. This expert expresses, these are the opinions that relevant expert studies to reach through the analysis, ought to cause everybody to take seriously.
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