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The expert reminds learn Chinese to cannot do problem Chinese blindly to review
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"Face new course reform, many student learning lost art of composition, put in many errors. " seminar of teaching of countrywide China Chinese yesterday (20 days) in Nanjing one in hold, teacher of a few senior Chinese faced the Chinese study below new course to express his view. As we have learned, "Group of special subject of classroom education efficiency " the subordinate task group that is seminar of teaching of Chinese of countrywide middle school, this task group with " attention classroom, research classroom, promotion classroom " it is a target

"Because plan of new the university entrance exam studies Chinese, maths, foreign language 3, in mental view of a lot of students, the position of Chinese rises somewhat, but in specific there still are a lot of errors when learning Chinese. " Nanjing city one in Zhang Shuguang of Chinese group group leader expresses on the meeting. He analysed these errors one by one. The first, a lot of students are not willing to write a composition, did not find a method to the training of the composition, appear very easily false, big, empty phenomenon, the full marks that takes a proposition easily to had looked with respect to apply mechanically writes a composition or be celebrity name piece material.

The 2nd, because Chinese is in the position in plan of new the university entrance exam, many science department are born to also begin self-examination, have Chinese teaching in home please even, the hope can fill well. But the study of Chinese is not accomplished in one move, floriferous time can be not added on behalf of the mark, so a few students reply very easily to spend time on the study of the foreign language that shows the result more easily and science department again.

The 3rd, a lot of students are enhance Chinese result, become a problem blindly, do not seek regularity when Chinese study. For example reads what ability tells is condition, semantic to term language understanding, to article content wraparound, to gist elaborate etc, grasped these patterns, take read a problem what kind ofly to be able to be done, but many students are however do with respect to, do not go paying attention to the education of Chinese core ability, the result is immersed in the awkwardness of get half the result with twice the effort.

The issue on studies in Chinese course to the student, the Wang Xiaomei's secretary of Nanjing city staff room expressed her view: "Chinese holds a tool sex and humanitarian sex concurrently, the study of the course such as it and maths, foreign language is different. To the student, the knowledge that maths, foreign language teachs to wanting when entering classroom does not understand, the teacher is knowledge to them is reincarnate. But Chinese course is different, a lot of students feel, reference book of have the aid of can understand basically to wanting learned knowledge, so classmates fall ill to be able to fall only Chinese class, but won't not go up absolutely science course. In fact, the study of Chinese is more exquisite at ordinary times of every little bit accumulate, what it needs is the promotion of ability, ability has the understanding of deep administrative levels to proposition. What reform of new now course emphasizes more is a student use ability and thinking capacity, want to learn Chinese so, the student must strengthen the life to observe and think mediumly, because Chinese study is,one kind is applied, nowhere is absent it. Nowhere is absent it..
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