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Answer of the university entrance exam reads unripe psychology to press muscular
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Day of world spirit sanitation just will pass on October 10 before long, yichang happening answer the calamity that reads unripe take poison, ring noisy alarm bell to teacher parent again: Answer read unripe mental health, not allow to ignore! Teacher parent must not forget constant channel.

Expert introduction, many answer read unripe mental health to not allow hopeful. Cold window mug of ten years, proclaim as the end of the university entrance exam end, a lot of students face setback of life first time, heart grey meaning is cold abandonment, mental health presents an undesirable trend. If teacher parent carelessly " recuperate " their mood, so, the form that the university entrance exam fors reference is affirmative not beautiful, the university entrance exam of the coming year perhaps can drop into life trough again.

Expert of division of spirit of hospital of center of sanitation of Yichang town drive, give special care to disabled servicemen and to family members of martyrs and servicemen and educational group public figure think, the crucial question that at present worry answer reads a student is problem of state of mind, answer read unripe psychological problem to occupy of 47% , among them very important mental health tests an end, the mood is not stable occupy 62% , of malajustment occupy 11.5% , pressure passes to be occupied greatly 59.1% , of angst occupy 52.4% , the heartbeat is occupied out of order 22.4% , a such states make clear answer read unripe psychological problem more serious, main reason is the university entrance exam suffers a defeat the blow that cause.

Although answer read premise condition has difference each, but have a bit among them identical, attend oneself yearning college namely. Because read this the university entrance exam too again, answer read unripe people ground of inevitable leave no stone unturned goes forcing his to redouble one's efforts, in order to ensure the exam is successful.

Answer read result is in go up somehow depend on answer the state of mind that reads a person. Accordingly, answer the adjustment that reads unripe itself to want to take state of mind of the university entrance exam seriously highly, the parent, school, society also wants the shade that from each respects help answer reads unripe purify the university entrance exam to suffer a defeat. Want state of mind to had adjusted only, take an examination of well than this year certainly next year. To make answer read unripe society to adjust state of mind, experts summed up answer read unripe adjustment the 16 words bid farewell of state of mind: Aggrandizement confidence, optimize a mood, enter condition, sufficient play. Ensure the student has adjusted state of mind one that year truly in the university entrance exam, develop normally with good position.
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