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New tax of Heilongjiang province executive high school changes learn to drive le
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Learn to drive, kind crops calculates result, gold needs path of the love of the novel, formal, tea becomes subject of take as an elective course, do it is a gizmo, OK to do calligraphy to exhibit amount to becomes credit... today autumn, I save Gao Yinian class to carry out new tax to change in the round, class of take as an elective course, credit is made, practice of module setting, society, school work achievement is united in wedlock with growing record, the student evaluates what change measure with a series of new taxes such as link up with of the university entrance exam as a result to carry out. 9 days, the reporter visits haing division old attached middle school, experience new tax to change a student to attend class to give lessons with the teacher together with high school teacher and student pedagogic tremendous change.

Elective fire

The new tax that implemented a month changes let give birth to excitement high anew unceasingly, because they like new tax too,change the following course. Tall Liu Xing says the 17 students of the class excitedly, the campus that she is holding a few days ago held calligraphy to exhibit on artistic fall moral integrity, letting what the person did not think of is, this calligraphy is exhibited actually can the 2 credit that convert becomes subject of take as an elective course of a term. Still a student says, he used after school time of more than days 20 to undertake a gizmo, after be revealed on artistic moral integrity, the mandatory mark of sexual study studies in also be being folded to synthesize integrated practice activity. Still some students introduce to the reporter, those who reach the school building army study to drive in all is activity of a when they like most integrated practice, a student that never weeds to cropland to countryside says, his head experiences a farmer to countryside is how of cultivate land, what never had done him of hard work to experience peasant cultivate land deeply is not easy.

And the school opens " the love of Jin Yong novel " , " formal " , " tea " etc class of 17 take as an elective course is more welcome. A student says, golden commonplace novel does not suit them to look in the parent's eye, and they never had contacted formal class and tea way tax, these course sound have the desire that lets a person want to learn.

Education idea ran

Be in according to the job of a gleam of tall one pedagogic introduction, high school new tax changes the change that the most important is educational idea, the teacher should make a student comprehensive develop already, want to develop creation space for the student's individual character again. Because this teacher wants to encourage the course that they like student take as an elective course, the individual character that lets them is able to reveal.

According to introducing, new tax changes structure of the following course to produce tremendous change, structure of new high school course has 3 arrangement, stratosphere is study domain, study domain sets course course, course sets module. Student every school year must obtain proper credit in every study domain, 116 mandatory credit are obtained in 3 years; Credit of take as an elective course is in 28 reach above, total credit achieves 144 to be able to graduate. Study domain, course and module made the basic structure of new high school course. Installed language and literature, maths, humanitarian with society, science, technology, sports and activity of healthy, art and integrated practice 8 domains, every study domain is installed a certain number of the course of curricular value close, every course is comprised by a certain number of module. And the knowledge between module is relatively independent, the module knowledge in classes of some take as an elective course is paratactic relation.
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